Enjoy this 5-day “mini-series” as you prepare to homeschool high school!

Whether it’s something that you’re just considering, or you’ve recently committed to, here’s the skinny to help you get started.

Prepare to Homeschool high school…

Homeschooling high school has been one of my very favorite seasons of the journey. While every season has its highlights, of course, high school is when you get to start dealing with your child on a much deeper and more-adult level. It’s a time when you get serious glimpses of the years ahead: how they’ll handle change, and disappointment, and grow into leadership; how they’ll make decisions about their future (and how you can help them!), how their character has/is developing, and the condition of their heart.

As you can see, it’s so much more than the books.

But this week, that’s exactly where I’m starting. ‘Cause truth-be-told, that what I was first worried about: how on earth would I make a plan, teach higher-level subjects, and get them ready for and into college?

Oh, mama, but that’s just the whipped cream on the Sundae 🙂

…in 5 Easy Steps

Below are the following topics for the next 5 days, along with a brief summary. I’ll link to each topic daily as the posts go live, so make sure you check back here every day this week! Taking it a bit at a time makes it so much easier to do…

Enjoy this 5-day "mini-series" to help you prepare to homeschool high school! Whether it's something that you, or a very good friend of yours, is considering, here's the skinny to help you get started.Step OneCome up with a plan (see below) Today we’ll start with sketching out a plan for the complete four years. Don’t worry – it’s not as hard as it sounds. And if you have a plan to start out with, you’ll find it makes the inevitable adjustments down the road easier to deal with!

Step Two – Reading, writing, and… How to cover “the basics”

Step ThreeThe power of a good elective – don’t neglect electives and life learning!

Step Four Is College in the future? When options might be in the cards…

Step Five – From soup to nuts (planners to testing) in the high school years

Step One – Come up with a plan

By far the easiest way to create a plan is to start from the end. So think about what your teen will need by the end of his high school career. Then go back to the beginning and work ahead.

I’ve done this over the years using this simple template. (You can download a copy here and save it to your own computer so you can edit it.) I’ve then used it as a model for my kiddos’ transcripts for college apps. Four down…and it’s worked for them all so far!

Although we no longer require that our kiddos head off to college, we feel strongly that they should be prepared to go. Deciding on an alternative to college during Senior year is preferable to deciding they DO want to go and not be ready. With that in mind, notice the template is pre-filled-in with the generic subjects that most colleges require for freshman admission. I always recommend, however, that families check with a few potential colleges to see what their particular requirements may be. There’s no sense getting to Senior year and discovering that your student is a few courses shy…or took too many electives…

Keep your teen’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests in mind…

…so that you can plan accordingly. If your teen looks interested in a science-related career, make sure you plan for strong science and math courses. Weak in writing? Freshman and sophomore year are great times to add a remedial course or a creative writing class for more practice.

Once you have a general idea of what you’re looking at, it’s time to plug in the classes. But for today, revel in the fact that you’ve gotten off to a good start! Go pour yourself a cuppa your favorite beverage, take a load off and be proud of yourself. Tomorrow we’ll tackle the next step…

See? That wasn’t so bad – now you have a firm footing with the tools to get started! For more help, you may want to check out one of my courses Homeschool Prep: Getting it in Gear (if you’re just getting started with homeschooling) or Crafting a Thriving High School Experience For Your Teen (when you’re getting ready to tackle the high school years).

When you want to prepare to homeschool high school: Crafting a Thriving High School Experience for your Homeschooler will get you up to speed!

But until then…see you tomorrow, when we’ll take the next step to prepare to homeschool high school!

Still have questions about getting started? Feel free to leave them in the comments below, or sign up on the site for regular updates, inspiration, and unique content to help you during this stage of your journey…

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