“You Can Homeschool, and it can be a fabulous experience!”

Each week co-host Tracey Hagerman leaves homeschoolers with that little piece of encouragement. And in today’s post, we’re going to present our guide of the best episodes to listen to if you’re:

  • just getting started homeschooling, or
  • already homeschooling and need some encouragement or another perspective.

Let’s start with the episode:



Our suggestions (in no particular order), with links to the episodes on Spotify are: (drumroll, please)

  • Homeschooling with Littles – YCH009
  • A Celebration of the Freedoms We Enjoy With Homeschooling – YCH017
  • Incorporating Life Skills – YCH022
  • Do I Have What it Takes? – YCH002 | Am I Covering Everything? – YCH004
  • Growing the Gift of Hospitality in Your Home – YCH019
  • Priorities in the Pre-School Years – YCH036 | The Role of Play – YCH072
  • What is The Cost of Homeschooling? – YCH052
  • The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Screentime – YCH032
  • How “The Happy Homeschooler” Can Help YOU! – YCH067


And coming up: Episodes You Need to Hear to Inspire and Recharge – YCH094 (airdate 5/3/22)

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