“Yes, Virginia, you CAN homeschool!”

Inspired by the phrase found in that 1897 editorial, my paraphrase of the original quote is an answer I always keep in mind when someone asks me about homeschooling…

And now…fellow veteran homeschool mom (from Canada, no less!) and author Tracey Hagerman (The Happy Homeschooler) and I have teamed up together to offer you…the podcast that helps you do just that!

* New to homeschooling?

* Feeling “forced into” homeschooling?

* Need some new inspiration/ideas/encouragement?

We got your back, friend!


The You Can Homeschool podcast presents 30-minute episodes weekly where we discuss a specific topic from our own unique perspectives. Think of us as your “online homeschool mentor-moms.

  • * The important thing we have in common with each other is that we LOVED homeschooling…
  • * The important thing we have in common with YOU is that we had to figure it all out in the beginning, too!


But if we can do it…


The You Can Homeschool Podcast

Have a burning question you’d like answered? Want to talk about a homeschool-related topic that’s on your mind?

Leave us a message here, and your answer may very well appear in an upcoming episode!

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