Link parties. Link shares. Blog parties. Blog Carnivals. Whatever you call ‘em, they’re all the same – and they’re awesome!

What is a Link Party?

They’re a win-win for bloggers and readers alike, which is part of their appeal.

Well, if you’re a reader…

Folks are on the internet primarily for 1 of 3 reasons:

  1. Keep up with friends and family
  2. Get answers to a question or problem
  3. Be entertained and/or encouraged

Now, link parties aren’t gonna help you much with the first one, but scanning through the titles underneath each thumbnail graphic (which explain where the link will lead you) can be super helpful to determine whether a post will be productive to your search, or purely entertaining. You can find some ah-MA-zing content in some of our parties – and each week we feature a few that we feel are really outstanding.


And For You Bloggers…

Looking to build relationships? Provide thoughtful, creative, useful content for your readers? Increase your pageviews? Well then, you just have to “join the party!” We participated in quite a few parties for about 3 months before we took the plunge and started hosting our own. During that time, we studied what they were doing, learned link party etiquette, and forged some friendships.

Need help or encouragement? Contact us with your questions and we’ll be happy to answer them!

Blog Parties Boost Traffic with inlinkz
On any given day you’ll likely find a post or two of mine at the following awesome link parties.  Frankly, we think these are da’ bomb!  But, to paraphrase LeVar Burton’s unforgettable words – “Don’t take our word for it!”

Check them out for yourself (and if you’re a blogger…add your party to our growing list)!

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Link PartyDirectory - BreakthroughHomeschooling
Discover some great bloggers when you take a look at the wonderful link parties we participate in! And bloggers, please add YOUR parties here, too!!