Well…pour yourself a cuppa’, get comfy, and join us! The You Can Homeschool podcast (aka Tracey and Pat) is celebrating a full year of podcasting – and we want YOU to get the benefits of it! You may find it surprising to discover some of the things one can learn after a year of…well, in this case, podcasting. But, see if you might be able to use our lessons in your homeschool in the coming year.

Hold on, tho – there’s so much MORE in this episode, so take a listen…

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Lessons we’ve learned from the past year of podcasting…

that apply to your home education efforts, too!

You Can Homeschool podcastversaryThese are some of the lessons we brought to the table in this episode…

  • * The value of perseverance: little by little things get done
  • * Accountability makes all the difference. Having someone along for the ride really helps you stay on track.
  • * Don’t be results-driven: we do our best and leave the rest to the Lord.
  • * Don’t be afraid to try new things – who know what’s gonna happen?!
  • * Take ownership of what God’s called you to do!
  • * Live and work using whatever schedule works for you…but DO have a schedule of sorts. Having an idea of what’s coming up prevents you from stressing out about the future.

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Top 5 Episodes in the Past Year

#5 – Episode 35: Homeschool Curriculum That Rocks! March, 2021

#4 – Episode 4: Am I Covering Everything I Need to Teach? August, 2020

#3 – Episode 5: How to Plan Out Your Homeschool Year August, 2020

#2 – Episode 9: How Do I Homeschool with Little Ones Around? Sept, 2020

TOP EPISODE OF ’20-’21 – Episode 34: The Link Between Primitive Reflexes and A Child’s Ability to Learn March 9, 2021

What to look for in the coming year

  • * More guests – y’all seem to like when we add our friends to the convo…friends who have something that can help you with your homeschool
  • * Interviews with homeschool graduates – sometimes it helps to know that since others have successfully homeschooled…building that “we can do it, too!” attitude
  • * Spoiler alert! In this episode, Tracey dishes on the next 5 or 6 episodes coming out – but you’ll have to listen to discover what they are… (and it’s totally worth it!)

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