Remember that reading slogan from long ago “Reading is FUNdamental?” Well, sometimes it feels like the “fun” has gone out of reading for some of us, and today we want to put an end to that! Let’s celebrate reading!

In today’s episode, Tracey and I go into detail about how to get your kids (and the whole family) back “into” books – the real, paper-and-print kind.

Celebrate reading in your homeschool

So just in case you didn’t take notes while listening, or for our “TLDL” friends, here’s a summary of the ideas we came up with:

  1. 1 – Take turns reading aloud at home
  2. 2 – Got teens? Put together – or have them arrange – a monthly or weekly book club with their friends. If you’re involved as well, this is a wonderful way to engage your teens in talking about current events and/or deep and meaningful topics.
  3. 3 – Read books that inspire projects and/or travel. The Little House series comes to mind for the former, and the Flat Stanley books for the latter. (And if you need some ideas for a Flat Stanely project, check out Pinterest!)
  4. 4 – Consider purchasing a real-life, hands-on magazine subscription for a birthday or Christmas gift. This also helps promote the suffering publishing industry, and another bonus is that your kiddos will periodically receive periodic snail mail with their name on it.
  5. 5 – Pick a holiday or special event from and research it.
  6. 6 – Visit the library on a regular basis, and at the very least, attend scheduled library events.
  7. 7 – Throw a Dr. Seuss-themed day party. Dr. Seuss’ birthday (aka National Read Across America Day) is coming up on March 2!
  8. 8 – Have your children read to their grandparents. As people age, ya’ know the eyes start going. Reading a magazine or newspaper article that interests them has SO many benefits for both the elder and younger. Your child will learn about current events, they’ll practice compassion, and the entire experience will build treasured bonds. Alternatively, you can have your older kids read to the younger – or vice versa!
  9. 9 – Bookplates make for a unique reading-related birthday and/or Christmas gift. You can find a beautiful assortment of them on Amazon or Etsy. Or if you’re handy with Canva, you can make your own!
  10. 10 – Are you familiar with the concept of “build-a-book?” You submit certain key details about your child and the company crafts an illustrated story with them. Our kids each have their own and they became fun, treasured items… They can be something simple like this one at BookBuilder, something a bit more complicated (like this one by Klutz), or a real treasure like this one from BuildABear!

Did we miss any good ideas? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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