We talk quite a bit about organizing and home-related topics, and so when I first thought about incorporating technology into those efforts, it seemed like a no-brainer.

I mean, (almost) everyone has a smart phone these days, right? So certainly there are at least a few apps that could be used to help busy moms and dads keep things going smoothly around the house, right?


Wrong!  There are TONS of apps out there!

I spent some time researching them, but mind you, there was no way on earth ANY one person would have the time to try them all out…so I also utilized review sites for some of the information here.

If you don’t see one here that YOU use, please shoot me an email and I’ll include it in future updates. By the same token, if there’s one here that you know doesn’t work…please do the same! We try to keep things balanced around here when we can 😉

You’ll find more products available to iOS, relative to Apple’s market share, but if you’re an Android user like me, don’t despair – they’ve got us covered, too!


***Apple Products to Help You Schedule Household Chores

Chorma (free) – This app provides a platform for organizing activities, and establishes a point system for certain chores.  Looks like it would be a great system for incorporating with the kiddos!






ChoreMonster (free) – This is more-specifically targeted to kids, giving points when chores are accomplished, and allowing kids to purchase rewards with those points at different levels. It also works across devices, so kids can use it on a tablet, laptop or desktop, too.





HomeRoutinesHomeRoutines ($4.99) – By creating checklists for chores around the house and receiving reminder notifications and alerts, it could be pretty easy to keep track of all the things you need to get done! You can organize tasks by zones and frequency, so things get done when they need to get done 🙂





Tody ($2.99) – Similar to HomeRoutines, but instead of alerts, this app indicates how urgent the chore is, depending on an initial list you create.








EpicWin ($1.99) – If you totally want to make cleaning fun, you have to try this one! Chores become quests…you choose a name and an avatar and move your character along as quests are accomplished! Looks like a video game, but the downside is – could you forget about the cleaning in the process?? And yeah, that’s what I look like when I clean 😉





***Android Products to Help You Schedule Household Chores


House Cleaning Checklist (free) – Simple to use and doesn’t require an internet connection.  I love what one reviewer wrote: “Less effort in setup means more time to clean.” Oh yay.


Interested in doing some of your own research? Check here for more Android products.



***Available for Both Apple and Android

ChoreChecklistChore Checklist – ($1.50) Lite version and (iOS) (free) – From what I read, the only difference is that the full version provides statistics and reports chore completion history (IMO – who needs that? You can SEE when the chore has been done, right? Well, most of the time, anyway!)




BrightNestBrightNest (iOS) and (Android) (free) – All the lovely creating and managing abilities found in HomeRoutines and Tody, except the cost 😉  Also, you have access to tons of articles on cleaning, organizing and home maintenance materials – win-win in my book!!




CoziCozi (iOS) and (Android) (free) – A friend of mine has been using this one for years… It is MUCH more than “just” a household chore organizer, tho.  You can keep track of everyone’s schedule on this one. Time to get rid of the ol’ calendar on the fridge!




MotivatedMomsMotivated Moms (iOS) and (Android) ($1.99) – Apparently, “this is the app version of (a) popular e-book that thousands use each year to manage their homes”.  Apparently, I missed that memo. BUT, I do love that this system is designed by moms, and they’re all about reducing stress in order to make home management easier…


Which one am I going with?

Well, this page is current up to Jan 5, 2016.  And as of that day, I’m giving ChoreChecklist (lite) a shot… I plan on trying it out for a week or two and then updating here with a review!  I’ll let you know what I think 🙂

Which one are YOU going to try?

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