In this episode of the You Can Homeschool podcast, Tracy and I discuss the “Top 10” from our past 100! But more importantly, we talk about why and how those episodes can help you.

Our “Top 10” Episodes

You’ll find the links to the episodes we talk about here, as well as any other relevant links and resources we mentioned.

(Podcast episodes open up to Apple Podcasts.)

#1 – Episode YCH034 – The Link Between Primitive Reflexes and a Child’s Ability to Learn (interview with Kikeb McDonald

  • And this is the link to her book series on Amazon:

#2 – Episode YCH009 – How Do I Homeschool With the Little Ones Around? (homeschooling multiple ages)

#3 – Episode YCH005 – How to Plan Out Your Homeschool Year

#4 – Episode YCH004 – Am I Covering Everything I Need to Teach?

#5 – Episode YCH035 – Homeschool Curriculum That Rocks

#6 – Episode YCH007 – Homeschool Record-Keeping

#7 – Episode YCH002 – Do I Have What It Takes to Homeschool? – A great listen to people who may be on the fence…SO encouraging!

#8 – Episode YCH006 – Back-to-School!

#9 – Episode YCH014 – Teaching Money Management in Your Homeschool – This one is great for any family, whether or not you homeschool! Such an important life skill that will set your kids up for LIFE.

#10 – A 3-way split between

  • YCH040 – 5+ Things a Homeschooling Mom Should Know,
  • YCH012 – Homeschooling While Working and Through Chaos, and
  • YCH008 – Beyond the Books: Volunteering as Part of Your Homeschool

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