…during this election year, it’s becoming more and more apparent that we have a great lack of leadership in our country.

Sure, we have plenty of people holding leadership positions. But as I listen to speeches and soundbites on the radio, TV or internet, I often find myself wondering…what happened? It’s amazing to me how some of our leaders managed to get elected to the office they hold!

With the goal of trying to effectively educate the next generation, and without trying to advance any political agenda, may I ask a question? In this age of questionable ethics, muddled morals and wavering positions, our children are watching how our leaders behave and learning what leadership entails.

(Now, mind you, the lessons aren’t always good ones, and they are often muddled or downright bad.)

But how DO we teach good leadership skills?

TED Talks for Aspiring Teen Leaders - Help Your Teen Grow!

What skills need to be taught – or caught – by our kids so that when they assume leadership roles in the future, they are qualified and trustworthy, creative, and inspiring?

The following TED Talks will get the conversation – and the lessons – started!

Watch some or all of the following videos as a family. If you’re interested in digging deeper, I’ve put together a discussion guide to use while you watch them, which you can access below.

TED Talks for Aspiring Student Leaders

Start with “Why?” – Simon Sinek

Good leaders are inspirational! Learn something you might not expect from the Wright Brothers.


Everyday Leadership – Drew Dudley

Are you uncomfortable with calling yourself a leader? Well, maybe you should pick up a bucket of lollipops!


Listen, learn…then lead – Stanley McChrystal

This retired Army Brigadier General describes the journey of his understanding of leadership.

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The skill of self-confidence – Dr. Ivan Joseph

Self-confidence is not the same as hubris. Self-confidence is an essential foundation for a leader – such an important lesson. This video also helps our teens learn how to inspire it in others!


Learning from Leadership’s Missing Manual- Fields Wicker-Miurin

Interesting vignettes of leaders in other countries: stories of regular ol’ people and how they developed and emerged as leaders by being committed to a vision.


This is What It’s Like to go Undercover in North Korea – Suki Kim

Does this gripping and touching story teach us what to teach, or what not to teach, our future leaders?

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