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I have to admit: science has been one of those subjects I’ve struggled with in our homeschool.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have very good science teachers growing up. As a matter of fact, I have a vivid memory of my 9th-grade biology teacher falling asleep during a lab class at one point!

But I realized that like it or not, as a responsible home educator, at some point I was gonna have to get on the bandwagon. And then I’ll bet you can imagine how shocked I was to find that I even had a child that was a budding science-geek! Ah, the turns life makes…

Recently I wrote a post for the iHomeschoolNetwork blog about teaching science without a curriculum. There I outlined how to use two basic tools to prepare for an exciting year of science studies for you and your brood.

Here I’d like to add to that and share with you some more wonderful resources and amazing bloggers who can help enrich your homeschool curriculum-less sciences lessons.

Remember: the Typical Course of Study from WorldBook, and the Dewey Decimal system at your local library are your go-to basic “must-haves” when teaching science without the use of a particular curriculum.

But, thanks to the magic of modern technology, and the lure of exciting stuff happening on screens to grab our attention, there are also wonderful videos to help teach concepts and increase interest – both yours and your students’:

  • On YouTube, CrashCourse has playlists that cover topics from Study Skills to Film Making to US Government and Politics, but also check out their Computer Science, Physics, Biology, and Ecology. Also on YouTube, check out this short playlist of Science Experiments for Teens.
  • Did you know that you can personalize the course presentations in Khan Academy? Choose from distinct grades in middle-and high-school, and from subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, and Health and Medicine.

And there are a few more resources worth mentioning!

  • HomeScienceTools – Warning: Hanging out here can be dangerous. Visitors may experience intense feelings of curiosity and a need to purchase a bit too many super-interesting kits and supplies and develop an insatiable interest in experimentation! (Only slightly kidding!)
  • DiscountSchoolSupply provides a wide variety of both general science and STEM-focused products that are appropriate through the middle school years.

Finally, incorporating some of these great science bloggers will help you find exciting ways to engage your kiddos, grow your own ability and confidence in teaching science, and yes, perhaps even develop a love for this subject in your own life. Hey, it could does happen!

Homeschool Bloggers focusing on Science Education

As a fellow homeschool blogger, I’ve been very fortunate to have met some exceptional science-focused homeschoolers and benefitted from their experience and expertise. I’m pleased to recommend the following bloggers to you:

How to Grow Your Own Ability and Interest in the Sciences

Believe it or not, as you continue to work with your child in science and explore the wonder of the natural world around you, you’ll find that your own interest grows as well.

What’s important to remember is that your job as a homeschool science teacher is NOT to make your son or daughter the next Louie Pasteur or Madame Curie, but to awaken their interest and excitement in learning and discovery. 

Along the way, each of you may become drawn to a particular field of science, or you may not! Either way, when you become excited about the journey, that excitement is contagious – and a lifestyle of learning grows.

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