engaging teens

  • How To Win Your Reluctant Teen’s Heart

    Winning over your teen's heart may be a challenge, but it's not impossible. Be encouraged: what God has called us to do as parents, he equips us for!

    Ahh, the teenage years…traditionally, the time when that once cute and cuddly and sweet child that you birthed turns into a….well, turns into a…well, you probably know what I mean, right?! 😉 Now, I’m gonna give a bit of disclosure here that I’m NOT a PhD.  I’m not in clinical practice, and other than some […]


  • 8 Practical Ways To Bless Your Teen

    These practical ways to bless your teen aren't exactly rocket science. In fact, they're much simpler...and FAR more effective!

    Ever heard that old one-liner  “Everybody complains about the weather…but nobody does anything about it!”?  Well, it’s often the same with the teenage years…but what would you say if I told you that YOU can be different; that you CAN do something about it? We often look at the teenage years as a messy mess that our […]