Summer’s right around the corner, friends! No, wait, summer’s HERE! (How did that happen?!)

Anyway, after a busy, busy school year, I’m sure ready for a break. But rather than let the whole crew hunker down on the tech this summer, how ’bout we try something a little “old school?”  Here’s a thought…let’s tune down the tech this summer!

This week, let me suggest a summertime tech (less) idea…

“Tech-less” Summertime takeaways

So…what are some other things you can do if the tech is turned off (other than what I mentioned in the video)? How ’bout:

  • Read a book (check out some of my book reviews here),
  • Get a bunch of friends together and host a movie night (extra points if it’s an outdoor movie night!) (ok, technically it’s still a screen, but it has the added social component which makes it better…),
  • Be a local tourist – “staycations” are all the rage in these challenging economic times!
  • Do a craft together. Try something useful, something decorative, an old stand-by you enjoy, or learn something new!
  • Go out on a date…with your hubby or with the kiddos!

I’m sure that’s enough to get you started…

Remember, the point isn’t to be legalistic about it, or unrealistic…it’s to take the time to reconnect to each other, to friends, to outside activities, and to do something fun and out-of-the-ordinary. Now go out there and make it a memorable summer!

Add some ideas of your own for a summertime tech (less) idea in the comments for us all to try!

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