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Ask PatAndCandy About Speaking at Your Next Event

Are you hosting a workshop for parents?

Or a homeschooling conference?

Homeschooling is growing at an exciting rate in this country, and we are passionate about encouraging other parents to educate their children with confidence and joy!

We would deem it an honor and privilege to speak to your audience!

When you enlist our speaking services, your participants have the opportunity to tweak our success for the benefit of their families. (And, of course, learn from our mistakes so they don’t make them!)


Pat-headshotPat’s most favorite topic to speak about is creating unique and Biblical occasions for your children as they transition through life. Her family has been celebrating a Christian Passover for many years, using a Haggadah edited by her husband, Paul. As their children reach the teenage years, they conduct a Blessing service, based on the Jewish Bar and Bat Mitvah, to welcome them into an age of increased responsibility and favor.  You can read more about Pat Fenner and her experience and background here.





Candy is as real as it gets, and her compassion for those struggling – whether it’s through illness or “just” challenging life experiences – has been a comfort to so many women in her life. With a sense of humor and a way with words that will have you laughing till you cry one minute and contemplating a deep truth the next, you are guaranteed to walk away from time spent with her changed and encouraged.



We are able to speak on the following topics:

  • Getting started Homeschooling – Even when parents are sold on the idea of homeschooling, making that first step is often a daunting event! No two “start ups” look alike, either.  In this presentation, we will discuss the differences involved to begin homeschooling your child whether she/he in is first grade, middle school, or high school.
  • Crafting the Ultimate Curriculum for Your Child – We often hear that the hardest thing about choosing curricula is the range and amount of products available, but even so, you can make the decision-making process so much simpler when you know this critical characteristic about your children.


Who Turned Out The Lights?
“Who Turned Out The Lights?” available on Amazon
  • Homeschooling Through Illness – Candy has homeschooled during the prolonged illness of one of her children and her own battle with cancer (including chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation). She offers practical tips for not only surviving, but thriving, through these difficult situations.



  • Preparing Your Student (and yourself) for Homeschooling Through High-School (Hint: it doesn’t take exactly what you’d think!) – Teaching the younger set is often fun and full of play. Middle schoolers are a little more challenging, but not usually seen as “impossible” to teach. But ask the moms of most 8-yr olds if they’re planning on homeschooling-through-high school! We’ll discuss the #1 obstacle that most people face, and what they can do about it!


  • Blessing Your Children
    E-book available

    Creating Milestones to Adulthood: Imparting the Blessing – Pat and her husband, Paul, describe a crucial milestone that is sadly missing in our society today. With the invention of adolescence, is it any wonder our teenagers seem to be floundering? Pat and Paul share a simple “coming of age” ceremony they have adapted in their home to help bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood and affirm their children’s identity in the family and their faith.




  • Pulling It All Together: How to Create Your Own Unit Study – The absolutely most fun and effective way to teach your kids anything! Combine age groups, grades, learning styles, attention spans and curricula – and teach your children 2 key techniques that will serve them well over their lifetime!
  • How to Stop Homeschooling Like a Dinosaur – We are firmly fixed into the 21st century, so why are we still teaching like we live in the 18th and 19th centuries? If our desire is for our children to be functioning and contributing adults tomorrow, we need to change our teaching methodology today. Learn why your curriculum choice doesn’t really matter, why knowledge is obsolete, and how we can effectively train our progeny to fill leadership roles in their future.
  • Hosting a Questionable Movie Night – Are you finding it difficult to engage your teens as they increase their engagement with the culture?  A Questionable Movie Night is so much more than watching a movie together as a family! Learn how to open up doors of discussion with your teens and their friends over a bag or two of popcorn in your own living room.




If any of these topics interest you, please contact us and ask us to send you more information!