Welcome back to day 4 of the series “5 Days of Serving Others through the Holidays!

Every day this week I’m exploring a different way to celebrate Christmas. As a matter of fact, I”m turning Christmas around by suggesting ways to gift those around you with something that most likely won’t cost you a cent.

During the past week, I’ve been suggesting ways to gift those around you with acts of service (if you’re familiar with Gary Chapman’s book “The Five Love Languages“, you’ll know what I mean).

Consider these folks to serve:

Serving Others During the Holidays – Your Community

During this series "5 Days of Serving Others through the Holidays", we're looking at using the gift of service to bless those we love!Each year my daughter’s AHG Troop has “adopted” a local Fire Dept/EMT and taken on a service project each month to show their gratitude and bless the workers. The girls brainstorm together and have come up with some fun and creative ways to reach out. Delivering their goodies also gives them a real-life opportunity to interact with these very important and special community helpers.

Building on their example, you can:

  • Make small “goodie bags” for postal and sanitation workers, too.
  • Let the person behind you in the checkout line go first.
  • Pay for the meal of the car behind you in the drive-thru.
  • Compliment at least 5 random people whenever you go out. (You won’t believe the impact this alone can have!)
  • Randomly clean up the yard of a neighbor. Don’t tell them you did it!
  • Give blood – there’s a constant shortage of it during the holidays – and bring your kids with you (perhaps with some treats or cards for the Red Cross workers).
  • Have your child go through their toys and clothes and deliver some gently used items to the local battered woman’s shelter.

The really neat thing about keeping it simple is that you can be more spontaneous. For the most part, you don’t have to worry about purchasing or preparing too much. Plus, your kids will get to see how much fun it is to be a good neighbor.

And, of course, we’d love to hear your neat ideas in the comments – so share away! Don’t forget to check back each day this week for more ideas on giving the gift of service this Christmas!

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