Welcome back to day 3 of the series “5 Days of Serving Others through the Holidays!

Every day this week I’m exploring a different way to celebrate Christmas. As a matter of fact, I’m hoping to turn Christmas around by suggesting ways to gift those around you with something that most likely won’t cost you a cent!

Over the next few days, I’m proposing ways to gift those around you with acts of service (if you’re familiar with Gary Chapman’s book “The Five Love Languages“, you’ll know what I mean).

During the course of the week, we’ll help each other discover ways to serve:

Serving Others During the Holidays – Your Church

Today in "5 Days of Serving Others through the Holidays"...blessing your church! Hope you'll join us :-)Being a part of a church body means that a believer is blessed with yet another family. And much like the one we’re born into, this body, too, has both quirks and needs. Scripture tells us to love each other and serve each other, and the holidays are a great time to “ramp it up” a bit.

Don’t let gift-giving be relegated to the holidays – everyone likes to get a little something out of the blue, and your pastor and staff are no exceptions. If you’re really stumped, try some of these cute ideas from Dayspring…

And here are a few more simple ways to serve others in your church family:

  • Start with your pastor. Say “Thank you!” all year long, not just during October (Pastor and Church Worker Appreciation Month). Serving a church is a never-ending job…so create a culture of never-ending gratitude among those around you.
  • Put together a goody basket for the staff and drop it off periodically. Or how about committing to a basket of the month idea with your small group or a group of church friends? One month send snacks, another drinks, another fruit-and-nuts… During the summer, order up a batch of smoothies or slurpies, or deliver a gift card to a local ice cream parlor. Be creative!
  • Find out when each staff member’s birthday is, and then deliver a surprise to the office on “their” day.

But pastors and church staff aren’t the only ones in the family.

  • Do you see a young mom who appears to be struggling? Reach out and offer to take her out to lunch, or babysit. Start a mentoring relationship, and you’ll both be blessed!
  • If you’re in a small group or weekly Bible study fellowship, support your leaders there, too. Be attentive to what’s going on in their lives and what needs they may have. Then reach out to fill them when and as you can.
  • Building on that culture of gratitude I mentioned above, make it a mission of that same small group and/or Bible study to keep ears and eyes open for other needs in the congregation at large. Then develop a plan to act on them.

Remember, too, that as you put hands and feet and discover practical ways to bless others, your children are watching and learning. So you’re not only blessing people today but setting the stage for future blessings to others.

And, of course, we’d love to hear your neat ideas in the comments – so share away! Don’t forget to check back each day this week for more ideas on giving the gift of service this Christmas!

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