Group Coaching

Small groups of 3-5 homeschoolers meet once a week for an hour, for four weeks, with monthly follow-up for four months afterward.  A great option when you need some inspiration or a fresh set (or two!) of eyes.

One-on-one Consulting

Need help with transcripts? Deciding on a course of study or high school plan? A special circumstance or need? Short-term personal help might be just the ticket to get you over the hump. Use this option for educational support through the coronavirus restrictions.

Why work with me?

Excellent question! Learn about my background and experience and get a peek about what others have said (below)…

Then, take a deep breath and

  • Find clarity
  • Find focus
  • Get ready for an exciting journey with your teen!

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes with plenty of experience can help anyone discover a new mindset, new tool, or a new approach towards a situation.

“A great help for high school questions”

You have helped me in so many ways, how can I list them?  Testing decisions…dual enrollment questions…help with transcripts…planning our high-school course of study… Overall, you have been a great help where I have needed encouragement the most!

Ann P.

Ann Pace


My “homeschool guru”

Pat … has a lot of experience in successful homeschooling and is very encouraging to newbies. She is my “homeschool guru”…

Ellen S.

Next Steps…

Are you interested? Or confused? Coaching and consulting are both helpful…in different situations.

Contact me for a price sheet and recommendations.

The email is free…the feedback is priceless 😉