How are teenagers supposed to know what they want to do with the rest of their lives at 16, or 17, or even 18? I know…some of them do.

But if you’ve got one that doesn’t…well, here are some tips for you us!

(Note: Today’s post was initially published in March 2017 for Resources have been added and/or updated)

Video Takeaways – Resources to help your teen craft “After high-school plans”

Here are links to the resources mentioned in the video. And check out the updates as they’re added. However, you won’t see those in the video 🙁

What Color is Your Parachute for Teens – (Also available on Kindle) This is the teen version of the classic book that has helped SO many adults find their groove!



Spiritual Gift test – This is a simple test, in PDF form, that you can go ahead and do right now!

update! Here’s a link to a free enneagram test. The enneagram is a variant of a personality test. I’ve taken it and encouraged my teens to do so, as well. It’s just another tool to have on hand to help you understand yourself better,  what careers to consider pursuing, and how to understand and deal with others as you move forward in life. Try it! (By the way, I’m a 2)

Gap Year info

What Your Teen Must Do to Have a Successful Gap Year

Exciting Mission Opportunities for Your Teen’s Gap Year

Alternatives to College for Homeschoolers

Homeschooling a teen?

Want some exciting options for a high school program where your teen will thrive? Get a printable PDF of 100 Resources to Craft a Rich Homeschooled High School Experience when you subscribe to the site. You’ll also get access to “subscribers only” freebies: valuable resources to help make your homeschool the best it can be!

Investigate a Career in Trades

This is an excellent article and video of a Mike Rowe interview on Fox Business where he questions the need for college and the importance of developing a better work ethic, among other things.

update! Link to the Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation – where he is offers a scholarship for work ethic!

update! Best Trade Schools is a wonderful resource for more information about trade schools, along with help locating ones your teen may be interested in.

update! Have you considered Praxis? Here’s my review of their program materials, and then a summary of our experience after our son had completed the program…

How are teenagers supposed to know what they want to do with the rest of their lives at 16, or 17, or even 18? I know...some of them do. But if you've got one that doesn't...well, here are some tips for you!

If you’ve been in this situation, we’d love to hear how you’ve handled it, too! Go ahead and share in the comments…

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