Many years ago I took a look at our family finances in search of ways to trim our food budget. Being a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) I thought that would be a good first step to help improve our financial situation – I did not want to waste ANY more money at the grocery store!!

So I started learning about couponing.  This was about 5 years ago, and I have to say that the whole saving-money-through-using-coupons protocol has sure changed during that time.  In order to make any headway, I was finding that I had to work harder and harder and spend more and more time to make a difference in that budget item.

And neither I nor my family was willing to just give up on eating!

I guess I must have missed the memo that something (else) had to change

That something, of course, was the way I went about shopping – and this has to do not only with grocery shopping but also generalized shopping for the family (a topic for another post).

You just can’t always buy what you want higgelty-piggelty and hope it all works out!

At the end of 2014, while I was looking through our family finances, I discovered I'd spent a staggering $11,464.55 on groceries! So you can imagine that when Erin Chase said she could show me how to save money on my groceries...I was all ears!A few years ago, while I was looking through our family finances, I discovered I’d spent a staggering $11,464.55 on groceries the prior year! So you can imagine that I was really happy to discover Erin Chase at $5 Dinners.  I was excited and intrigued about the idea that I could feed a family of 4 for about $5/meal (of course, given I have a family of 5, I knew it’d be a bit more for me).

I ordered her meal plan for a while, and it gave me some good ideas and recipes upon which to build a solid foundation. It was a great start.

Later in the year I finally made the decision to try her Grocery Budget Makeover. I had been reading about it for some time, so by the time registration opened for her fall class, I was ready to give it a try. What, I thought, did I have to lose? (See answer below 😉 )


You just can't always buy what you want higgelty-piggelty and hope your budget works out! Click To Tweet

Here’s the skinny on the Grocery Budget Makeover

(Please note: I went through the class in fall of 2015. Since then, her class has gone through a series of improvements and upgrades. I haven’t taken it again since then, but that can only mean good news for YOU!)

The GBM lasts 10 weeks and presents a total plan to curb your spending at the grocery store. From the “Art of Creating a Shopping List” to meal planning to stockpiling (or not) to couponing and kitchen hacks, Erin covers all the areas you need to look at to save money. She also includes worksheets, videos and a private FB group where you can pose questions, find support or get accountability. Saving money on groceries is more than just couponing, folks. Click To Tweet

It’s imperative to get your family on board, and yes, you DO need to do things differently.

Here’s how Erin explains the program:

As you can see, it’s a whole new way of doing something you do for your family every. single. day. (And here’s the link she referred to:

Let me tell you, Erin’s the one to learn all this from – she’s been featured on The Today Show, Fox & Friends, and Rachael Ray, and given the “thumbs up” by Dave Ramsey!

Learn to Save (more!) Money at The Grocery Store

Get on the waitlist for the next class and while you’re waiting, download Erin’s FREE Grocery Budget Worksheet!

And what better time than NOW to develop new habits? Good habits will save you money down the line and help your family eat better. They’ll take the stress out of meal planning and prep for you, too! And even more importantly, teaching your kids (and teens!) how to eat healthily, be wise stewards of their finances, how to cook balanced meals…well, these are lessons easily-incorporated into your daily homeschool efforts! Ladies, trust me: I’ve gone through the course myself, and I have your back on this one!

So, to answer the question above: in an effort to stop wasting money on groceries and going through the Grocery Budget Makeover…what did I lose?

I lost a bunch of things:

  1. Generalized stress over grocery shopping
  2. Anxiety watching the balance rise as I checked out at the store
  3. Worry over how I was ever going to make it to our next paycheck and grocery allowance
  4. Lack of self-control over what I picked up when I went food shopping
  5. That daily frustrating question: “What am I gonna make for supper tonite?” or even worse: “What do I even HAVE in the pantry or the fridge to make supper tonite?”

Just so ya’ know, Erin only offers this class 2 or 3 times a year. If you’re reading this in between class times, you can always get on her list and she’ll notify you when she opens it next.

So click on the image below to register

or get the skinny on her next class!

Experience the Grocery Budget Makeover!!

So…review what I lost (above), think about what YOU have to lose, and consider doing yourself the same favor this year 🙂

If you have ANY questions about the class, please feel free to leave them in the comments below, or shoot me an email.

I’ll be glad to answer them for you, but keep in mind I have only my own personal experience to draw from…

Here’s to a great, money-saving 2020 for you and your family!  

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