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Homeschooling is for the birds.

And this is coming from someone who is teaching or has taught our 5 children from home - so why would I say that?

Some may call it semantics, but parent directed education can embrace so much more than "just" homeschooling!

Over the years, I’ve seen the concept of homeschooling grow and change; I’ve seen how it’s displayed everywhere from magazine covers to friends’ kitchen tables to speakers’ descriptions. I’ve mentored and been mentored, read, studied and experimented (so to speak!) on my own kids and in co-op situations.

Before we began home educating, I had idyllic visions of our kids all dressed in coordinating outfits, each playing a different instrument (exceptionally well!) and getting along ever-so-sweetly. I’d imagined sitting around the kitchen table engaged in an intelligent, age-appropriate debate for a respectable amount of time, before moving on to the next subject.

There’s much more to this dreamscape, but I don’t want to bore you…

Having lived through many different formats and methods of teaching, necessitated by changing family circumstances, I now believe I've come to a balanced approach to homeschooling, and it no longer revolves around my kitchen table.

As a parent, under the authority of both Scripture and the State government, I understand and take seriously the responsibility my husband and I have to ensure that our children receive a well-rounded and effective education.

While I respect and admire those who feel educating at home requires or is defined by one or both parents filling the sole role of teacher, I also understand that I may not be the best presenter of, say, a chemistry or high school geometry lesson.  I appreciate the value of a monitored group setting where healthy discussion and exchange of opinion takes place.

Parent-directed education:

  • builds upon whatever images or ideas or dreams about homeschooling you may have or have had in the past,
  • expands both the form and breadth and depth of education you can cover,  and most importantly,
  • it allows and encourages all parents to embrace their God-given authority and responsibility to educate their own.

Parent-directed education allows and encourages all parents to embrace their God-given authority and responsibility to educate their own. Click To Tweet

What Defines the Concept of Parent Directed Education?

  • Parents take the ultimate responsibility for their child's learning:
    • Understand their learning styles
    • Discover their gifts and talents and interests
    • Provide opportunities, inside and outside of the classroom, to develop the same
  • Parents decide and delegate the task of teaching, wherever and however it is most appropriate:
    • Inside a classroom
    • Around the kitchen table
    • At a co-op class, under the watchful eye of a mentor, or as an apprentice
  • Parents follow up on whatever course of action is in place and make changes when necessary

See the difference?

I know that this may not be "news" to some homeschooling families: many have taken this approach to heart without ever considering that it's anything different than "regular" homeschooling.

But it's crucial in this day and age for us ALL to consider this paradigm.

We're living in an age where our culture has moved beyond the slippery slope into secularism and is in free-fall mode. In a time of political correctness, diversity training and "it's all good" thinking, our children are learning NOT to think...to just go with the flow, wherever it takes them and cast aside leadership roles...to cast aside their ability to develop discernment and ignore the necessity of using that skill in their lives.  They are learning to ignore or subjugate their skills and talents to pursue the almighty dollar.  They are learning to fit into the mold and be "good boys and girls", at all costs.  And this will prove to be a very costly lesson...

If we don't take responsibility to direct their education, SOMEone has to - and will!

Are you ready to broaden your vision about educating your kids?  What is one thing you're doing (or can do) in your family to better exercise parent-directed education?

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