(This post is sponsored by Focus on The Family, who provided me with a copy of this CD for review purposes.)

I found it almost impossible to believe, but there it was on the cover: Focus on the Family’s Adventures in Odyssey  was celebrating its 30th anniversary!

Why is it that teenage boys hide their faces as soon as a cellphone camera gets turned on? It’s like they have a sixth-sense for it or something…

Looking into the room, I saw my teenager engaged in the article. I walked in and he began to engage me, too. “Hey mom, remember that trip we took to see Pa when we brought along the stack of Odyssey CDs?” (“That trip”, by the way, was almost 8 hours long from where we lived at the time!) I sat down and we reminisced…talking about Whit’s wonderful voice, and how Connie and Eugene reminded our three younger kids of their two older siblings. All the stories we’d listened to over the years, waking up “just in time” on Saturday mornings so we could listen to Adventures in Odyssey on the radio.

Kind of reminded me of the stories my dad used to tell me about his youth, when his family sat together in the evenings listening to The Shadow or Abbott and Costello on their new radio. Or the scenes from The Waltons in my own youth, watching that Depression-era family enjoying family time seated ’round the radio.

We’ve discussed so very many character traits with our kids over the years listening to these stories;

  • honesty
  • gratitude
  • kindness
  • personal worth
  • humility
  • servant leadership
  • forgiveness
So much is taught through the power of story! #ihsnet @AIO_tweets Click To Tweet

And in this tech-powered, fast-paced age, there’s nothing like a good audiobook to bring a family together to listen and learn and grow while developing deep and meaningful conversations. 

As my son and I continued our reminisces I remembered that I needed to pack for a trip my daughter and I were taking the next day. I left him to continue reading his magazine and went into the bedroom. My daughter had left her own suitcase on the floor next to the bed, and upon seeing it, I immediately smiled.

She is about the same age now that our older kids were when they started being “too mature” (that’s their phrase…my husband and I are yet to become “too mature” for a good Odyssey episode!) for these audiostories. But she still enjoys them with me 🙂 . I was so happy to see that she had placed the copy of the latest Odyssey episode where she wouldn’t forget it in the morning…

The magic of a good family audiobook

And it truly worked its magic on the trip! We listened to the full 2 hours on the way up, and then again on the way back a few days later. Loved hearing Whit’s voice again, and being introduced to new members of the “family.” And the conversations my daughter and I had! There’s something about getting a peek into someone else’s life that helps you make connections to your own, and a well-crafted story with an important lesson is both entertaining and educational.

Let me encourage you to connect with your teen using the power of story. Whether it’s a great book that you’re reading together, a controversial magazine article left on the table (by mom or dad, of course) that inspired a neat conversation, or an audiobook you can all listen to together on the next road trip, let a story open you and your teen up to each other like no other “tool” can!

Connect with your teen using the power of story! #ihsnet @AIO_tweets Click To Tweet

Try it – and then let me know how it goes!


Focus on the Family's Adventures in Odyssey family audiobooks are a great way to connect with your teens, too!

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