So, what about socialization?

Oh, if we had a penny for every time we heard the question, we’d be millionaires!

In today’s episode, we took a look at a different way to consider the issue, and a creative way to approach the concept!

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What’s another way to look at socialization?

The dictionary defines socialization as:

1 – the activity of mixing socially with others, OR

2 – the process of learning to behave in a way that is acceptable to society

Consider this new spin on socializationPeople often believe that homeschoolers isolate themselves from the world around them. That we shield our kids from the hurts and needs in society.

But the privilege of homeschooling actually allows us the opportunity to interact with all sorts of people through volunteering and being immersed in real life every day.

As our children interact in different situations, we’re able to see their behavior in realtime, have discussions about actual events and guide them towards a more empathetic and loving way of living.

Tracey shares a truly touching story to illustrate her point – you’ll be blown away by it.

"Learning to behave in a way that is acceptable"

THIS is perhaps what we should be thinking about as parents and home educators. Can you answer these questions for your family?

  • * What interpersonal behavior is acceptable in our family?
  • * Do we “go with the flow” or listen with our hearts?
  • * Do we take people and situations at face value – or seek a deeper understanding?

Because the potential “fly in the ointment” for that second definition of socialization (the process of learning to behave in a way that is acceptable to society) is that what IS acceptable for us…may not be acceptable to society. In a world fixated on minding our own business and sticking to our lane, we often overlook others, and their needs. But we can encourage our children to:

  • *  truly make a heart connection with people;
  • *  look at others who may seem outside the circle, and include them;
  • *  seek to see the unseen.

Think about the ramifications this could have on our society if we all did this!

This, my friend, is truly at the heart of socialization.

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a new spin on socialization

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