New Beginnings and #breakthrulinkup

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Welcome to #breakthrulinkup #1!


Welcome, welcome, welcome to my new “digs!” Hope you make yourself at home as I start a brand new link party here!

Actually, this will forever be known to me as “the link party that almost wasn’t” and I’ll tell you why…

Over the past weekend, I launched BreakthroughHomeschooling as a spinoff of sorts from PatAndCandy. I worked pretty much nonstop getting all my ducks in a row this past month preparing it to happen – or so I thought. On Saturday I got the ball rolling with the technical behind-the-scenes stuff, and…nothing happened.

Well, what I mean is went “live” but there were NO articles on it; no posts, no pages, no content of any kind. And y’all, I had written over 800 articles over the past few years!

To say that I panicked is an understatement. Of course, hubby was around, as well as our son who’s been away at school, so I really didn’t want to make it all about me. But I think you can imagine what was going on in my mind and heart and stomach.

I was truly not thinking straight. I reached out to everyone and anyone for ideas (starting with my blog host, but don’t get me started on that one). It was not looking good, friends, and I started actually thinking that perhaps I was being called to give it all up. Just chuck the laptop.

Yup – throw in the towel, call it quits, toss out the baby with the bathwater…

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Till my daughter proposed something. “Mom,” she said, “you’ve got so much planned for that new website. Tools and information that will help so many new homeschoolers. And you may even be able to take some of the financial pressure off of dad, too. Looks like you’ve got Satan running scared; this would be the perfect way for him to get you discouraged and just quit.”

And I started wondering about that. Not that I’m “all that and a bag of chips,” mind you, but that how often Satan works overtime to get us to quit. For me, it was blogging. But maybe for you, it’s something else.

Maybe your kids are nearing high school and you’re thinking that it’s time to enroll them in a traditional school. Maybe you don’t feel equipped for the task of educating them at this level and preparing them for college or a career. Maybe you even feel like you’ll ruin their future, or it’s too hard, or you just don’t have what it takes.

With the grace of God, and despite an embarrassing, convoluted mix-up, I found someone who is even-as-I-write working on digging up my old posts, retrieving that content that represents over two decades of experience, and gathering together the bits of wisdom from my own journey that has helped thousands of readers over the years.

Consolidating everything so I can review it, renew it, and improve it for many more homeschooling moms to come. Maybe even you, if you’re finding yourself ready to give up your homeschooling pursuits…

I’m so glad I serve a God Who is a redeemer. He called me to share my story over the years, to blog about homeschooling and what He has taught me through it. He called me to come alongside others and teach and encourage them in their efforts. And what Satan meant for evil, God redeemed for future blessing.

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Today I’m so grateful for His leading and I’m praising him in the words of Psalm 106:10: He saved them from the hand of the foe; from the hand of the enemy he redeemed them. It’s not hyperbole to say that God redeemed my scary situation this weekend. And no matter what the outcome, I’m choosing to give Him the glory in it.

I’m also grateful I’ll be able to continue sharing with all y’all!

Are you facing a struggle these days that needs a touch of the Redeemer? Are you tempted to quit something that can be a blessing to others, too? I’m hoping and praying that you stay the course: lift it up, let it go, and wait on Him!

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And now let’s party…

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16 thoughts on “New Beginnings and #breakthrulinkup”

  1. I feel your pain – and so glad you didn’t give up – you have so much to offer!! (I felt maybe like stopping blogging over the weekend…facing lots of speaking and feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, etc…but I didn’t , yet…) so congrats on you new site and I’m going to link up now! love, sue


    1. Sue, I feel just the same about you! But you have the added gift and privilege of speaking live to people, as well, so I can see how that adds extra time constraints. How I wish I could fly across the country and hear you live… Maybe someday that will happen, or you’ll be in my neck of the woods 🙂
      Have an awesome week!!


  2. I hope you don’t mind but I copied your daughters comment to my notes so I can use that when I get discouraged. I have been working on a new blog and online store and have been running into trouble left and right. I thought about giving up to, but your daughter is wise beyond her years.

    Whenever we touch others lives for good Satan is going to try to stop us. Thank you for all you do in putting good and help out there. These days the world needs more of that.


    1. Kim, if they are an encouragement…of COURSE I don’t mind! I wish you the very best on your blog, too, and if there’s anything I can do, please reach out and I’ll try to help…or shoot you in the right direction. (I’ve had LOTS of people help me over the years…)

      Hope to see you here again!


    1. Oh Michele, THANK YOU! This has been such a challenge…much more than I’d anticipated. But your warm words help make it worth it – so glad to see you here!!


  3. I’ve never had that happen, Pat, but when big technical issues (my blog got hacked last March) do happen, I’m a mess. This technical stuff scares me anyway and then to have something go wrong like losing all my posts on my site, well, I can only imagine how that impacted you. I do hope everything gets sorted out and I’m grateful for your linkup and transparency!


    1. Yes, Beth…not to sound overly-dramatic, but I’m still “recovering.” It’s amazing to me how much this blog has become like another child to me. But it thrills me that you’ve followed me over here. Your words are always so encouraging and I learn so much about myself and my marriage.
      I hope my readers check out on their own (yup: shameless plug!)…


  4. Hi Pat!
    I’d just barely joined your former link party that you announced this new Breakthrough Homeschooling project. Love it! Looks like you have a great way to reach out and mentor homeschool families with your experience and membership options. BUT–my heart almost stopped when you recounted your tale of switching over and then losing all your content in the netherworld of wherever that stuff goes if it’s not on your screen. Gah! A horror story, indeed. I hope you can retrieve your content. It will be a job to sort through and reformat. I migrated once from Blogger to WP some years ago, and, though I didn’t lose content, it never transferred quite right. I’ve settled into my literacy platform and also mentor homeschool families–though not quite up to offering the options and services you do. My emphasis is on publishing and writing. I hope to link in more often here and connect with other homeschool families. My youngest is 29–just can’t get the love of learning and literature out of my life. God has made it a life calling, instead.
    Joy to you!
    Kathryn Ross


    1. Kathryn, oohhh I can’t wait to check out your site! I hope you WILL be link up here more often. How wonderful to have such a life calling…
      I do believe my troubles should be over soon. I have someone taking care of it tomorrow night. Fingers crossed!
      So happy to meet you…and glad you found me 😉


  5. Congrats to your new endeavor!!! Did you ever get the posts to forward here? I noticed your old url isn’t redirecting traffic so that could be the problem. Contact me if you want me troubleshoot. It’s what I do and I only charge a prayer. 😉 thx for sticking with it. Enjoy your week!!


    1. I had no idea, Marilyn! My, you are a woman of many talents, aren’t you?! I have someone looking at it tomorrow night, so I hope to be on the road again… But I’ll keep you in mind if something happens in the future – I’m not a techie, so I’m sure there’ll be SOMEthing!
      Thanks again for stopping by at my new “digs”!


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