Almost three years ago I was reading a post very similar to the one you’re reading now… At the time, I was in a serious “funk” about what to do after my homeschooling years were through. Friends tried to encourage me, telling me to “follow my heart,”  do what I know, or “just be patient, it’ll come” (and I still don’t know what “it” is!).

All I knew was that the thing I knew most about was homeschooling – and I wasn’t doing it anymore. (sad face)

I muddled around for a while, until one day a friend of mine forwarded the registration to a free Masterclass that Amy Porterfield was doing about online courses. I knew nothing about this process or business model at the time, but I knew in my heart I was an educator, so I gave it a shot!

Today, I’m telling YOU about the very same course I took – the course that gave me a vision for my after-homeschool years. The course that helped me turn a book I wrote into what has become my “signature” course and set a foundation for a growing business.

A course that took me out of my “funk” and onto a path!

Enter Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy

If you’ve landed here, you’re seriously considering purchasing Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy! As Teddy Roosevelt (after whom the teddy bear was named) was known to say:  “Bully for you!” (as a good thing…) But at any rate…

Just like you’d tell a good friend about a great book you just read, or Netflix series you’ve been binging on, or a yummy recipe for chocolate cake you just made, I’d like to encourage you to give Amy’s program a try. We’re ALL good at something, and there are people out there who will benefit from you sharing your expertise and experience.

So, if you’re on the fence about checking out DCA, I’d like to “sweeten the pot” so to speak…

If you do go ahead and invest in the course through my link, I wanted to let you know about some special incentives I’ve arranged for you. Please note: you need to purchase using that special link, which enables me to offer these little pretties to you 😉 !

Digital Course Academy doors are OPEN!

‘Course, Amy is offering a bunch of goodies, too, while her cart is open. These items below are in addition to hers…

My DCA Bonus goodies **

1 – FREE enrollment in the Authentic Instagram Engagement course, by

Authentic Instagram Engagement by Ruthie Gray If you’re gonna have a course, ya’ gotta figure out how to use “the socials” to promote it, right? And in my experience, there’s nobody better at that than my friend Ruthie Gray. She’s been teaching Instagram through her free 7-day challenge, her InstaGram “Go Live” Jumpstart Kit, and private coaching. Her new podcast – Instagram Insider Hacks – is chock full of practical intel each week, and the limited-enrollment Mastermind group is golden, let me tell ya’. AIE covers everything from crafting a brand to growing your account to increasing engagement, which all lead to…sales of your newly-developed course when you’re done! #happycampers


2 – Your own DCA “cheat sheet”

Amy’s a great teacher, but let’s face it, the course can be overwhelming at first glance. Since I’ve already been through it, each week you’ll get a cheat sheet about what to especially look out for and focus on as you go through it for the first time. Now, you know that you have lifetime access, right? And you’ll always be able to slow down or repeat sections at your own pace (which Amy actually recommends – progress over perfection, friends!). But I found it helpful to have a guide of sorts when I went through it the first time, too.

Pat Fenner - owner of Breakthroughhomeschooling3 – Behind the scenes Live

Included in the course are numerous FB Lives where Amy answers questions and digs a little deeper into certain topics, but you’ll get a Live from me, too, on a topic or topics that YOU get to determine! That’s right – when you confirm your purchase with me, I’ll send you a survey where you can indicate areas you’re struggling with, or even something that might be fun for you to see (how ’bout my Post-It wall?!) that I went through to determine my course content. (Depending on the number of students and topic/s, we may do it via Zoom, in which case I’ll send everyone a recording of our meeting…)

4 – Need accountability?

Ugh…how many times have you started a big project and run out of steam mid-way through?! (Well, I know I’VE done that more times than I’d care to admit 🙁 ) Not this time, m’ friend! My students will have access to a pop-up Facebook group (or Instagram group, if we get a bunch who want to use the platform Ruthie will be teaching about) where we’ll spur each other on to greatness each week. Nothing big and stressful, mind you, but this group will give you a safe, small, place where you can seek and offer encouragement!

And, last but not least…

5 – My Fast-action bonus

The first 5 students to register when Amy’s cart opens up on September 9 get a free 1-hour brainstorming call with me, where we’ll talk about some ideas for your course topic. If you already have one you’re “sold” on, we can brainstorm lessons, or promotion strategies, or…whathaveyou!

Attend the DCS Masterclass

So, there you have it! What are you waiting for? If you have any questions, you can get with me one-to-one by shooting me an email and I’ll tell you what you need to know!

But maybe you’re a little hesitant about investing money in your future right now?

OK, I get that! And if that’s the case, at least invest some time in her free Masterclass. Here’s the link for that… Please note: class size is limited and fills up quickly, so get on board while you can! I just know you’ll love Amy’s personality, teaching style, and content. And I promise you’ll walk away…ready to take ACTION!

Either way, use the button below to access MY bonus package as well as Amy’s – and get a super-duper deal and a head start on a future business that will help others while you craft a life you love!

Tell me more about DCA

OR, just check out the Masterclass (you can choose available times when you register)

I'm in for the DCA Masterclass

As they say, friends, “I’ll see ya on the inside!”

** Bonuses will be delivered/made accessible with proof of purchase on Monday, October 5, 2020.