I have a confession to make:  I know quite a bit about “mommy anger” – because I have it!

I’m not talking about the “losing your temper once in a while” type, either. I’m talking the “stuffing it ‘till you explode” type…and while I’m not proud of that, it has given me a very generous perspective towards moms who “lose it.”

A while back we had a guest post from Ruthie Gray, of RearReleaseRegroup.com, about anger. It was to introduce her private Facebook group “Mom’s Time Out.”

I invited Ruthie to guest post because, frankly, her message resonated with me.

Yet I felt a little embarrassed reading her article because it hit a little too close to home. Kinda like when you’re sitting in church or listening to a speaker, and you could swear they were just in your kitchen last night! Or they were listening in after the kids got home from school a few days ago and you blew it…

It brought me back to the episode that first revealed to me that I even had a problem. It was so NOT one of those parenting moments that you cherish or share proudly. But you can bet that it got me into high-gear to come up with ways to handle my “mommy anger”.

How did I begin to deal with mommy anger?

Well, to get the answer to that question, head on over to Rosilind Jukic’s site A Little R & R, where I had the privilege of doing a guest post. It is there that you can read more about this whole story – both the “before” and the “after” (so to speak!).

There, too, you will also read about a simple-yet-profound 5-day plan containing simple concepts, prayers, and Scripture “pillars” that can help you grab a hold of and work out the roots of your anger. And come up with a personal plan to keep you from sinning in your anger.

And it costs you not one red cent!

Mommy Makeover Kit

So…if this angry mom scenario rings a tad true to you, too – or if you see someone you know and love in these words – please head over to Rosilind’s blog now…and start finding some answers.

In the meantime…I’ll be praying for you over here…

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