Letter to My(new mom)self

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In this letter to my younger self, well...let's just say I wish I knew THEN what I know NOW!

As a new and young mom, I used to roll my eyes (most of the time to myself) when people would say “Enjoy these days, they fly by so quickly…” so I wouldn’t dare use that phrase in a letter to a younger me. But here is what I would want to communicate…


Letter to my new-mom self - What have you learned over the years that could make another new mom's life?!

Dear Pat,

I’m so happy for you, because even though your days are long and sometimes dreary, you do have wonderful times ahead. As a handle to get you through the former and to the latter, let me share some thoughts to hold on to when the going gets tough:

  • Forget the advice “this too, shall pass.” While it’s offered in kindness and with the best of intentions, I would have to disagree. Although the situation or event does indeed end, how you got through it, what it says of your character and how it affects those around you, does not. And while I don’t believe it’s possible to live without regrets of some sort, there’s no use shooting yourself in the foot when you don’t have to!
  • Ditch the “Do whatever it takes…” approach, or at least keep it in perspective. And there is nothing more important to keeping a good perspective than daily quiet time. Scripture has so much to teach you us about being the best parent we can be! Also, I’m not trying to be hard on you, but you might want to pray about those anger issues you struggle with, because…
  • “More is caught than taught” where kids are concerned. Again, I’m not trying to be hard on you, but learn ~ and then model ~ counting to 10, talking over concerns before they are problems, establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries. These are skills that will help your kids as they grow, and will help you grow as a healthy individual, too.
  • Remember that YOU come first. I know that sounds selfish; I know that sounds so contrary to your caring nature; I know that feels impossibly small and trivial or trite, but if you don’t take care of yourself, no one will. It’s not anyone else’s job to do that, either: not your husband’s, not your parents’, certainly not your children’s, and not even your girlfriends’…which leads me to another point.
  • Get (and keep) girlfriends! Ohmygosh…do not neglect this one! Make time for a “girls’ night out,” have lunch or grab coffee once in a while when your hubby is home, get a sitter for a few hours and go see a movie. Spending some time with your friends is a way of taking care of yourself and will make you a better mom and wife: trust me!

Now go pour yourself a cuppa’ and take some time to mull these over. I hope you’ll find a way to incorporate some of this into your life…and pass them on to someone else when you’re in my, um, your shoes, in years to come.

Remember you are loved!


Your “old” self

What words of wisdom do you have to share with your “younger self”? I’d love to hear a lesson or two from your own life below…


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4 thoughts on “Letter to My(new mom)self”

    1. Oh Danica,

      How WONDERFUL…I wish you all the best as you start this miraculous and marvelous journey called motherhood!

      Enjoy and squeeze out every last drop of love and memories from every moment you can 🙂


  1. Thanks for sharing this! Point # 4 really spoke to the kind of day I’ve had today! As moms we get so caught up in taking care of everything and everyone that we forget to stop and take care of ourselves. Like you said, it sounds selfish but I know that if I don’t take care of me I won’t be any good in taking care of those little humans that depend on me completely. Again, thanks for sharing your mommy wisdom with us! xo


    1. Oh, Monica, even though I WROTE about it, I STILL have trouble taking care of myself… It helps to have a friend who “has your back” in that area, at least for me!

      Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been enjoying looking through your blog, too! I grew up in NYC (Queens) and it’s like a mini-visit home every time I head over…

      Hope you come back and visit us soon 🙂


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