A few months ago my friend (and co-host of the You Can Homeschool podcast) and I were talking the other day about the roles our husbands played in our homeschools. I mentioned that to my husband over lunch one afternoon and he suggested that we should do an episode about that. Digging in a little deeper, I asked him what kind of wisdom he’d pass on to new homeschool dads. I mean, these days, there are more and more of ’em! So he offered to write down a few questions. Long story short – he came up with two pages’ worth!

Support resources for the homeschool dadAfter some deliberation, Tracey and I decided to take those very same questions, and interview our own husbands with them. Boy, did they have a bunch to share!

We took those questions, answers, and conversations and distilled them into not one but two episodes of the You Can Homeschool podcast…

So grab a cuppa, get comfy, and set aside an hour to kick back, relax, and discover some ways to

Keep your homeschool dad in the loop!

In episode 26, Tracey and I focus on the true gift that dads are to the homeschool, whether or not they put in actual “teaching time”.

And in episode 28, we continue the conversation by answering a few more of the questions my hubby – and the main homeschool dad in my life – posed.

Support Resources for the homeschool dad

One of the things we discovered in episode 26 was the lack of support resources for dads-who-homeschool (those who actually are the main educators). And so, as promised, I did some digging and came up with a few that I would recommend here:

  • Teach Them Diligently began as a homeschool convention and has now created an amazing online collection of resources for dads. It includes articles, podcasts, and they have now added a reasonably-priced membership site with loads of parenting and homeschooling recourses.
  • Daniel Louzonis, blogger at homeschooldad.com and creator of the Einstein Blueprint and 10XHomeschooling, as the ultimate dad-cheerleader for the homeschooling lifestyle, and offers a math program and homeschool coaching at his website. And do check out the homeschooling myths he debunks!
  • AtoZHomeschooling has been around forEVah, and their Homeschool Dads Talk is full of fascinating articles. I found the article about “the techies who are hacking education…” to be especially interesting.
  • This article in the NYC Dads Group website was written by a former homeschooling dad who is once again homeschooling – of sorts – due to the pandemic.
  • My Life as a Homeschool Dad was written years ago but remains relevant today. It’s a funny, sometimes-rambling, seriously-real article, covering a wide range of homeschool FAQs. (It’s found on the National At-Home Dad Network, which supports dads who are the primary caregivers of their children.)
  • Dollie Freeman, aka The Joy-Filled Mom, writes about 7 Ways to Involve Dad In Your Homeschool.

Feel free to share them with a homeschoolin’ dad you know and love!

What about you? Do you have any comments to add to the conversations shared here? Know any quality “dad support” resources that I missed? Please DO share them in the comments – they’ll be a help to us all!

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