Teaching Shakespeare to Your Teen

You know what's happening this week? It's Shakespeare's 454th Birthday! (Actually, it was celebrated in England this past weekend - ...
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Teaching “the basics” when you homeschool high school

This is Step Two of my mini-series "Prepare to Homeschool High School in 5 Easy Steps", where we're laying the ...
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Enjoy this 5-day "mini-series" to help you prepare for homeschooling high school! Whether it's something that you, or a very good friend of yours, is considering, here's the skinny to help you get started.

Prepare to Homeschool High School in 5 Easy Steps

Today I'm starting a 5-day "mini-series" to help you prepare for homeschooling high school! Whether it's something that you, or ...
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Does your senior have after-high-school plans?

(Note: Today's post, with updated resources, was initially published in March 2017 for PatAndCandy.com.) How are teenagers supposed to know ...
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Exciting Mission Trips for your Teen’s Gap Year

Why an international mission trip for your teen? There is great character-building, resume-building, and faith-building value to teenage volunteer summer ...
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CLEP study guides by Study.com can be a great resource for your high schooler: take a test - earn some credits!

CLEP study guides: a great high school resource

I received access to this product for free and was compensated for my time only. All opinions are mine; I ...
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Homeschool Assessment: How to Accomplish a Mid-Year Fix

To "resolve" or not to" resolve?" Word of the Year – or not? January is the month that most of ...
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Inside you'll find the skinny on homeschooling in the Peach State. *With updated regional homeschool convention dates for 2018!

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling in Georgia

According to recent statistics, homeschooling is on the rise in the Peach State! And with good reason: One of the ...
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A gap year can be a wonderfully educational exploration of the world at large, and perhaps a time of discovery of new and untapped interests, talents and skills, and in some cases may be the launching pad to a creative and fulfilling life.

What your teen MUST do to have a successful gap year

My son is working through his Junior year in high school, and one day I noticed that he seemed a ...
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Teaching driver's ed as a homeschool parent will help ensure you're getting your teen behind the wheel safely. Here are some considerations to keep in mind.

Getting your teen behind the wheel safely

One of the most, um, "exciting" things about raising teens and homeschooling high school has been, hands down, teaching our ...
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