How to become a homeschool guidance counselor

One of the obvious potential limitations to homeschooling high school is the absence of a guidance counselor's office. A good ...
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Being creative about fine arts and your teen

Being Creative About Fine Arts With Your High Schooler

Preparing our teens for college and beyond means we should be enabling them to be well-round, thinking individuals. And who ...
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Discover Your Child's Learning style

Do You Know Your Teen’s Learning Style?

After making the decision to homeschool, one of the most overwhelming choices parents face is choosing a curriculum. Knowing how ...
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Are you paralyzed by the thought of teaching physics, upper maths and British lit scare you? Rest assured, mom: outsourcing subjects is a viable option!

Knowing How and When to Outsource Subjects

Are you paralyzed by the thought of teaching physics? Does the concept of tutoring high school chemistry cause your palms ...
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Enjoy this 5-day "mini-series" to help you prepare for homeschooling high school! Whether it's something that you, or a very good friend of yours, is considering, here's the skinny to help you get started.

How to Homeschool High School in 5 Easy Steps

Enjoy this 5-day "mini-series" as you prepare to homeschool high school! Whether it's something that you're just considering, or you've ...
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These five principles are important to keep in mind when adding those all-important life experiences to your child's high school transcript.

Documenting life experiences in a high school transcript

OK, to be fair, I once felt the same way. As a matter of fact, when we first started homeschooling, ...
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Thoughtfully-chosen, creative electives can be very powerful tools for your student for a variety of reasons.

Creative Electives for Your High School Student

Actually homeschooling through high school isn't as scary up close as it seemed when you might have been contemplating it years ago ...
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Teaching life skills with Skill Trek

How to teach life skills in your homeschool

Did you ever have something (a class, a book, a product) that you came across over and over again and ...
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Top 4 FAQs About Homeschooling High-School

The thought of homeschooling high school can seem daunting even to the most passionate homeschooling family.And, truth be told, many ...
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This list of 100 resources has been a true labor of love for me. Use them to craft a high school experience that will set up your teen for success!

100 Resources to Craft a Rich Homeschooled High School Experience

This list of "100 Resources to Craft a Rich Homeschooled High School Experience" has been a true labor of love ...
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