Why Every Homeschool Mom Should Have a Resume

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Many years ago, in the early days of the modern homeschool movement, most homeschool families were single-income households. Over the years, however, through economic recessions, stock market downturns, construction and housing market crashes…well, these days the economy is quite different.

While a growing number of homeschool moms these days work from home, others work outside the home, and yes, even some work full-time, creating and maintaining a resume is a helpful activity for any and all of them us – even if you’re not gainfully employed!

3 Reasons Why a Homeschool Mom Should Craft a Resume

A resume can be considered a summary of skills and abilities, presented in a clear and concise form, generally used as a self-promoting or marketing tool to acquire gainful employment. If you emphasize the “summary” and “presentation” aspects, however, it becomes clear why it’s a great idea to put one together.

  1. A resume can give you focus and a filter. Once you’ve sat down and thought through your skills, interests, strengths, and weaknesses, you may start to see some patterns and/or threads appear, which you can use as a filter for accepting volunteer requests and the countless other demands on your time. I mean, mom, you know how it is: so very often, people think that because you’re homeschooling, you have gobs of time on your hands. So you’re the first to be asked to “help out” at church or in the community for some project, because, after all, you’re home so you must have the time, right?! Having a resume can help you take a look at what your skills are, which ones you’d like to develop, and how a given activity or request fits into that picture, helping you to “just say No!” to the ones that don’t apply.
  2. A resume can give you a framework to look at what you already do. So very often we look at our daily, mundane tasks, or sometimes the special projects we undertake and wonder what possible good can come out of them! (Or is that just me?!) Again, knowing what your skills and abilities are and how you would like to grow personally and professionally will help you to focus on those aspects of any given job or responsibility. If this approach doesn’t apply in a given circumstance, you have an option: either readjust your attitude or set about applying the filter I describe above. For example, if meal prep is a recurring frustration in your life, readjusting your attitude might look like this: accepting you gotta feed the family, focus on developing your creativity or learning more about nutrition through putting together healthy menus…and move on! However, this might be a great skill to teach your teen, thereby getting the activity off your plate from time to time (forgive the pun!). So teaching your kids to cover meal prep, or even a portion of it, not only helps your teen but also builds your own delegating and management skills.
  3. Maintaining a resume can help you think forward. Although some days feel like they may never end, someday you will stop homeschooling. Kids grow up, spouses lose their jobs, marriages end through death or divorce…we just never know the future God has in store for us. Having a resume tucked away, revisited and updated from time to time, will keep you ready for the day when you’re no longer planning playdates and lessons, and the kids – and you – have moved out into the world.
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How do I get started writing a resume?

That was the question I asked myself a few months back. A potential job opportunity came up, and I was asked to present my resume. Well, I haven’t been actively involved in the “real” business world since our oldest child was born – and that’s almost 30 years ago! Can you say “overwhelmed” and “intimidated”? But my husband came to the rescue, sat down with me, and as we began to think about the volunteer positions I’d had, short-term or part-time jobs I’d held, ways I’d supported him in his business over the years, skills I’d developed in and through homeschooling…we not only developed a resume I’m proud of, but that also helped me appreciate how I’ve truly grown over time.

I went from thinking “Oh, I’ve ‘just’ been homeschooling…” to realizing that I am a seasoned home-educator, with a myriad of skills and abilities that can be gainfully applied in the business world – whether for myself or a potential employer.

Ready? Set? GO!

If you’re curious about the process I went through, and ready to do this for yourself, I’ve outlined the steps I took and made them into an easy-to-follow package, complete with a resume template you can use.

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Finally, if you have any questions about this concept or problems as you move ahead, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy resume building!

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