Homeschool Conventions during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

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finding homeschool support during the coronavirus/COVID-19 scare

As I write this, our world is in the midst of a pandemic. Coronavirus/COVID-19 fever (literally) is making its way around the world, and instilling fear into the hearts of many of us.

I'm not here to minimize either the fear or our varied responses; I do wish to offer some hope and help.

I'm a firm believer in attending an annual homeschool convention, and in this post, I outlined five reasons why I feel it's so important.

Yet I understand that in these crazy times many people can't, or won't, or even shouldn't attend one. However, I also know that we still need encouragement...still need to mix and mingle with other homeschoolers...still need to remind ourselves that we're not alone...perhaps need to discover new resources and materials to utilize.

In short, we still need each other.

So how do we handle obtaining the benefits of attending "the fair" while staying safe during this coronavirus pandemic?

homeschool convention options

Enter the Virtual Homeschool Fair - the perfect solution

OK, maybe the almost-perfect solution. You can listen to presentations, "attend" workshops, and take virtual tours of products and curricula, all from the comfort of your own home.  The only thing missing is the feel and smell of books (and you bibliophages know what I mean!).  Oh, and of course bumping into strollers and peering over taller people's shoulders to see a display...

Honestly, there are quite a few benefits to attending these virtual conferences/conventions/workshops. They:

  1. can cover a myriad of topics,
  2. attract uh-MAZ-ing speakers,
  3. cut the costs of attending a conference down to almost nothing,
  4. while also offering super discounts and freebies in a "swag bag," and
  5. usually provide lifetime access to the presentations and materials, which
  6. allow you to get your tank refilled...your spirit refreshed...your mojo back!

So don't let the coronavirus/COVID-19 keep you isolated!

Here are some homeschool- and family-related virtual conferences you don't want to miss

2020. Homeschool Moms Conference

If you could use some homeschool encouragement, fresh ideas, or are looking for a community of like-minded homeschool moms (especially while we're quarantined, right?!) run right now and register for the 2020 Homeschool Mom Conference! ALL conference attendees receive LIFETIME access to all 99 workshops taught by expert homeschooling speakers, a digital swag bag valued at over $900, access to an online vendor hall with homeschool vendors offering exclusive discounts, and access to the conference community group where you'll find fun, fellowship, and PRIZES! The conference officially kicks off on April 6, 2020, but Early Bird Registration is happening right now and you can get access to ALL OF THIS for just $12!! What are you waiting for?! Click here to reserve your space now!

Register for the 2020 Parenting Summit

Feeling like you can never do it all – homeschooling, parenting, real life, occasionally sleeping? Don’t fret – get ready for April 6-10, 2020 and the free online Homeschool Parenting Summit, with video sessions that will bring you valuable help from authentic people who share their experiences and wisdom from God’s word for parenting with purpose, joy, and faith in God. Sign up today for free here.

Great Homeschool Conventions - online!


Great Homeschool Conventions are doing their first EVER online convention. kicking off April 16-18, 2020.

Check back soon for more details!

2020 Canadian Homeschool Symposium

The 2020 Intentional Homeschool Planning Conference



Initially intended to be presented in central TN, this totally unique conference is now being offered online on April 25, 2020.   A planning-focused event, you'll actually DO while learning! Sign up here today...

Coming soon - the 2020 Homeschool Curriculum Summit!



The 2020 Homeschool Curriculum Summit is being brought back in 2.0 version!! Summit dates are May 4-8, 2020.

Check back soon for more details!


Build Your Bundle homeschool edition
Admittedly not a curriculum fair, but it IS a terrific opportunity to purchase materials at unbelievable prices! Check back for details **Coming May 11-18, 2020**

Homegrown Generation Online Family Expo


The Homegrown Generation Online Family Expo - Live and fully interactive, the conference features today’s most popular speakers addressing the most important issues that homeschool families face. Over 35 hours of workshops. Get lifetime access to this event for only $20!! Use this link to enroll now! 

Keep calm and homeschool on...Keep Calm and Homeschool On - I’m excited to be a speaker for the Keep Calm & Homeschool On conference launching March 27, 2020. Today, more than ever, families need encouragement and homeschooling information. This new, online event is hosted by the Indiana Association of Home Educators (IAHE), but it is open to everyone! Registration for the event will be free for two weeks and you’ll then have access for one full year! Register here.

Homeschool Connect Expo 2020The 2020 Homeschool Connect Expo - Beyond covering classroom subjects, some of the other categories presented will be Christian life, Life Skills, parenting, struggling learners, High School, missions, and more! Enjoy a "virtual swag bag,"  and don't forget to stop in at their College Fair. Here's their list of over 65 speakers who are involved.

While not a conference/convention, if you're truly not able to attend a real-life or virtual even because of time, distance or financial constraints, Homeschool Buyer's Co-op allows you to find discounts on plenty of products - just like you do at "the fair"!

And here are a few sites to help you find a "real life" fair near you in the future:

What's YOUR favorite way to get your homeschooling tank refilled? Have a favorite convention or conference that you'd like to tell us about? We'd love to hear about it below 🙂

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