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Father’s Day is right around the corner, and because I speak primarily to moms, I wanted to share a little about encouraging someone who is often forgotten in a discussion of home education – the homeschool dad.

Wait, what?

Why do homeschool dads need encouragement?

Generally speaking, modern homeschools consist of mom and the kids. Now, don’t get yourself in a twist: that’s not to say that dads aren’t involved. I know lots of homeschool families where the dad teaches a subject or two, or handles “extra-curricular” activities, or covers practical life skills, or actively mentors the sons and disciples the children in their faith…

Happy Father's Day to the Homeschool DadAdditionally, as a result of the recent pandemic, many dads started working from home and discovered creative ways to mesh educating their children (at least to some extent) with earning an income (something, I may add, that many homeschool moms have done for years…just sayin’).

But in terms of support and encouragement, it can be a lonely “row to hoe” for them. There are just not a ton of homeschool dad support groups or resources for them – and really, don’t we all need an arm on our shoulder, or a mentor, from time to time?

So if you know a homeschool dad who could use more than another tie or t-shirt this Father’s Day, here’s some encouragement to share.

No “dad guilt” here

Now, because of their aforementioned humanity, dads are just as able as the rest of us to layer on the guilt for themselves. And there are plenty of opportunities to feel bad about missing events and the “day-to-day”, since they’re out and about working in the world. (And just to be fair, even tho’ there are plenty of homeschool moms who hold down jobs or their own businesses, too, I think God’s wired us a bit differently.)

But I’m not about to share stuff that tells dads what to do. Rather, my heart here is to encourage them in whatever God’s called them to do, occasionally stretch out of their comfort zones from time to time, and to realize they’re not alone!

You may have heard by now that I co-host the You Can Homeschool podcast with fellow author and homeschool veteran Tracey Hagerman. What you might not know is that we are in the middle of presenting a series of podcasts for homeschool dads. (I also have some more interviews coming up which will automatically update here once they’re live…)

So ya’ may want to bookmark this page, or, better yet, subscribe to the podcast!

Why “homeschool dad” podcasts?

Well, one of the things my hubby used to say when I started blogging was that while he’d love to read what I’d been writing…he had little time to do it (his work required long days and lots of travel).

Now, people are still busy these days, but podcasts are the perfect accompaniment to life on the road, or to listen to as you do housework, or wait for the kids to wrap up their music lessons, or…whatever! So – if your homeschool dad is a busy guy, he can just pull up a podcast on his phone and give it a listen over lunch, or in the truck heading out in the morning or home at the end of the day. #buildthosemultitaskingskills

Capturing the Charmed Life podcast


Here’s another one – Teresa Wiedrick of Capturing the Charmed Life recorded a podcast episode where she interviewed her own husband! Take a listen to A Homeschool Dad’s Perspective: How to Participate in Your Homeschool (on Apple podcasts).

Keeping the homeschool dad conncted

You’ll find more resources for dads in this post:

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And this one:

6 Ways Dad Can Be Involved in Homeschooling While Working from Home

And, ohmygosh, if you or your hubby or your family or ANYbody wants or needs a laugh on Father’s Day – let me introduce you to the Holderness Family!

(You’re very welcome!)

Are you doing anything different or fun to encourage the homeschool dad in YOUR home this Father’s Day? Tell us about it below!

No matter what you do, tho’, do your best to be encouraging EVERY day…

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