Have you ever had something (a class, a book, a product) that you came across over and over again and kept putting off for one reason or another?

  • I’ll wait ‘till vacation to read that, when I have more time…
  • I’ll wait to buy that ‘till I win the lottery (which, of course, you may not even buy tickets to) …
  • I’ll wait to take that class ‘till I (insert your reason here)…

Well, that’s how I was with Craftsy – until now ;-)!

Arts and crafts classes come in a myriad of types, and adding them into your student's coursework "ups the ante" and brings interest and relevancy to learning!

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For those of you unfamiliar with them, Craftsy is an absolutely magical place if you have any desire/interest/inclination to DIY or learning new skills of the domestic kind.

Does “arts and crafts” sound like fluff to you? Well, here are 3 reasons I incorporate Craftsy classes into our homeschool, and why I think it’s NOT fluff…

      1) You can learn real skills

An online collection of video courses, Craftsy presents a smorgasbord of video-based courses on a wide variety of topics, such as:

  • Cooking
  • Cooking
  • Sewing
  • Crafts
  • Recipes
  • Woodworking

Don’t think that these classes need to be used only with your girls, either. Boys should know how to cook and bake, too – and many of those classes are taught by famous male chefs!


    2)  They provide quality time opportunities

An additional perk, speaking as a parent, is that these classes can provide wonderful opportunities for one-on-one time with your child/teen. As a matter of fact, over the summer, my 12-year old daughter and I worked through the Perfect Pizza class. Lots of good learning and memories came from that one…


     3) They are “meaty” enough to use as school classes

And as even yet another perk, speaking as a homeschooler, these are absolutely terrific classes to incorporate into a high-school economics course or a life-skills elective series. As we were looking through the cooking offerings, I found a few classes on Spanish, Mediterranean, French and Italian cuisine, which you could also use as a basis for, or at least portion of, a unit study, or culture studies, or geography class. Gah – my mind is going crazy thinking of ways to use there offerings! You could also use many of these classes in conjunction with American Heritage Girls or other scouting program badges as part of extended subject studies.


Craftsy courses are quality arts and crafts offerings

Yes, I know you can learn a LOT from YouTube videos, but you don’t always know what level of teaching you’re going to get. Often times, you have to search and search to find anything that is really helpful. Also, what you’ll most often discover is a video tutorial, which is fine, of course, depending on what your needs are, but doesn’t really offer a thorough presentation of a subject. So how does Craftsy differ?

  • They are taught by professionals in their fields – This isn’t “Joe Shmoe” showing you how to do something. Each course presents a background and qualifications of that course’s teacher – so you know they know their stuff!
  • You have direct access to the teachers while you’re taking the course.
  • They include downloads and printables as needed – Depending on what the course is, you might need a recipe or a pattern or a list or something…yup, you can download and save for later or print for use today.
  • They allow unlimited access to the classes once you’ve made your purchase. Need a refresher? Just open up the class and find what you need.
  • They offer a money-back guarantee! (Not that you’ll need it, but knowing it’s available always makes my heart happy!)

Still on the fence? Try them out with FREE lifetime access to online DIY classes – no tricks or strings attached!

Learn a new skill…

Breathe some new life and interest into your homeschool…

Try something different for quality time with your budding chef or crafter…


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