As I’ve talked about in other articles on this blog, parents who are teaching high school in their homeschool don’t necessarily have to be the hands-on teacher for every course. As a matter of fact, your teen benefits by having some classes outsourced during these years. It not only encourages them to take ownership of their own education, but it gives them the chance to experience other teaching styles and be accountable to someone else besides mom and dad.

English (specifically, literature) and history are two such subjects that lend themselves well to careful outsourcing.

“That’s just dumb!”

“Don’t be ridiculous…”

“You don’t really believe that &$%@, do you?”

Lessons Without Lectures - high school level English literature

Those are phrases that I actually heard coming from elected politicians on “news” broadcasts recently. It seems that these days that’s about the level of civil discourse and communication of thought we have – in politics, in advertising, in, well, life.

But I know you want something better for your teen… You want them to be able to think for themselves, communicate those thoughts clearly to others, and then dialogue in a meaningful way with those who may feel differently.

That’s how they’ll be able to bring about future change in our culture as well as bring the gospel to a lost and dying world. (Yes, it’s both that simple and challenging!)

And ya’ gotta start somewhere!

So why not use your high school English curriculum to get a head start?

Lessons Without Lectures is a high school level literature program that uses many of the books your teen should be discussing during this stage of their education, encourages them to dig deeper, helps them distill their own thoughts and life lessons, and then provides the opportunity to participate in group discussions with their peers.

Whereas many literature courses provide comprehension questions about the text, Lessons Without Lectures adds that all-important group discussion aspect that many homeschool moms are looking for, and many homeschool teens lack.

Our program answers the questions “Why do I have to study this?” and “What does this have to do with my future?” that our teens are prone to ask.

You can use our multi-year program, or just sign up for individual classes as you’d like.

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Why use a high school literature program to teach these skills?

That’s a terrific question!

Literature studies are an integral part of high school level English. The best way to learn how to communicate well is to read and analyze good writing. Additionally, certain themes and subject matter don’t change over time and are important topics for discussion. By discussing them as literary concepts, however, teens can talk about them while maintaining a bit of personal distance. As classes progress and they feel more comfortable with the group, they’ll find themselves better able to insert their own opinions and attitudes. Guided questions will help moderate the conversation and differing opinions.

I know that families begin homeschooling for many different reasons. I also know that – no matter what the reason – we all have our kiddos’ best interests at heart.

Making sure that they are prepared to confidently express themselves and converse in a civil and thoughtful manner to those who may hold differing opinions will certainly be in their best interest!

So, are you looking for a high school level English curriculum for your homeschool?

Register your teen today for the Lessons Without Literature mini-course! Class size is limited to 15 and starts October 1. And check this page for other offerings as they become available!

Lessons Without Lectures mini-course


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