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Many years ago I found myself with two teenagers in the house (ok, maybe they both had one step out the door…), a 6-yr-old, 4-yr-old, and a newborn.

Can you say “worn out?” Can you picture “exhausted?” Can you just imagine those feelings of being unappreciated?

My husband was a sweetheart, and very encouraging – when he was home. But when left to ourselves during the day, well, some of those days were sooooo looooong, sista’!

As you might imagine, I began to feel just a tad unimportant. Just a little bit like the chief only cook and bottle washer around our parts – necessary but not necessarily recognized.

My wake up call – and two choices

Happy Mother's day!After wallowing in this muck and mire for who-know-how-long, I found myself talking to a wonderful, truth-in-love-speaking friend of mine, and came to the realization that I had one of two choices:

  1. Stay comfortably ensconced at my pity-party, or
  2. Seek out and grab hold of the truth about me!

I found a wonderful group of women who were part of a Bible study, started to dig deeper into the Word on a regular basis and began changing one more thing. Are you familiar with this last one?

Changing the conversation in my head

Do you ever have one of these? It’s not necessarily the one when you walk into a room and try to remind yourself what you were there for…

For me, at least, it went something like this: “Ugh, you’re not appreciated. You’re just the maid and everybody takes you for granted…Well, I guess picking up these dirty clothes for the umpteenth time is job security at least…” There’s much more, but let me stop there, ’cause I’m sure you get the point. The important part of that convo, however, is that at the “end” (or at least when you come to a pause)…

you start right back over.

Super unhealthy. Super debilitating. Super un-true!

So in order to put the final capstone on my decision to change, I came up with this cute little graphic. I printed it out, put it in a simple frame, and to this day it hangs over the desk in our schoolroom. Back in the day, it was a daily, sometimes hourly reminder that what I did and what I do, and who I am – matters… Thankfully, nowadays, I’ve found that God has renewed my mind and enabled me to fill it with His truth. It’s there for me to call upon whenever I need to!

A Mother's Affirmation
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These days, I don’t even work in the schoolroom much. My kids are usually at that desk, using the computer for their studies. But I look at it this way.

When they look up, their eyes fall on that image now! And it certainly doesn’t hurt for them to have a reminder now and again to honor their parents, right?

I hope this little graphic gets you through whatever you’re going through these days, mom. Or if you know a friend who may be in the same boat, please feel free to use it as a loving gift from one mom to another…

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