#breakthrulinkup 34 – A fun and flavorful Bible Study

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Learn more about hospitality in this fun summer Bible study - and share it with a friend!

Greetings and welcome to #breakthrulinkup 34!

Today I have a treat for you...

My friend Sue, from WelcomeHeart has a series called "Every Table Tells a Story", which was a series of guest posts where bloggers shared their own "hospitality stories." I was honored to be included in that line-up, so today she's returning the blessing by sharing her brand new summer Bible study...AND her recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies (yes, everything good that chocolate stands for!)... Hope you enjoy both 🙂


Summer Fun Bible Study–Lessons From the Ultimate Host

I'd hate for you to reach the end of the summer thinking:

“How did that happen? Summer is almost over and I never began a Summer Fun Bible Study!”

Who said Bible Study couldn’t be *fun? God created fun, after all. Which reminds me of when our eldest child went through 6th-grade facts of life course at the public school. At recess, her friends were discussing what they had just heard, and Bonnie piped up: “Well, God created sex so I don’t think we need to worry about it.” (#whew #homeeducatingwhiledoingpubliceducation)

Back to summer fun.

Hospitality 101 is a 12-week Bible Study that encourages women to grow and encourage each other in a fun and friendly way. Mentorship matters!

Hospitality, 101: Lessons From the Ultimate Host is a great way to spend the rest of your summer. Yes, it’s a 12-week course, but the chapters are short and do-able and you can double up if you like. And it includes recipes. Who doesn’t like a good recipe? And they are easy recipes because who doesn’t like a good easy recipe?

Each chapter is divided into three (fun) parts:

  • God’s Hospitality on a Platter: studying God’s welcome to us
  • RSVP: Accepting God’s Hospitality: evaluating our response to His welcome
  • Passing the Platter: practicing a little simple hospitality each week, including simple recipe

Chapter titles include:

“God’s Welcome: The Open-Arms Inn”

“God’s Invitation: It’s All About the People”

“God’s Provision: What’s in the Pantry?”

“God’s Open Heart: Developing a Hospitality Worldview”

You might want to do this on your own and take your time. Or invite a neighbor or two and introduce them to the welcoming heart of God. Right now my dear friend Erin and I are working our way through it and having a blast (see *fun above.)

 Invite a neighbor or two and introduce them to the welcoming heart of God with Sue Donaldson Moore's fun summer Bible study!


I wrote this study because my mentor, Laurie told me I had to and I usually do what she says. But I had never sat “under it” myself until now and it’s a great study for both old and new believers as well as “seekers” seeking more to life than a good meal.

Did I mention recipes? Here’s one of our family favs that gets raves: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies.

Chocolate chip cookie dough brownies are certainly a great thing to share with a friend (or two) as you work through Sue's fun summertime Bible study!

I know. Get a napkin. For the drooling.

Hospitality, 101: Lessons From the Ultimate Host A 12-Week Bible Study

A party and a dog and a Bible Study. Get started on it today!

The gift of hospitality allows us not only to bless others but to BE blessed! Grab a friend and enjoy this fun summer Bible study together :-)

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  1. Thank you for hosting! My offerings this week include an American Flag Rice Krispy Treat, a delicious Strawberry Poke Cake and. Patriotic Brownie in a Pretzel Crust with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. As always you are invited to my own parties! (Latest are shown on my home page). See you there.


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