Ultimate Field Trip Guide to Albany and SW Georgia

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Field trips have always been one of my favorite things to do in our homeschool!

I remember even before we'd started homeschooling our eldest, I took him out of school one day to go strawberry picking with a bunch of our already-homeschooling friends, and I called it a field trip 😉  After we got home, we ended up whipping up something in the kitchen with our bounty, researched information on strawberries, did a drawing and coloring sheet on our trip and wrapped up the whole thing in a mini-lapbook. Voila! The poor kid didn't even know what hit him 😉

Anyway, because we live in such a rural area, I often get questions from visiting family about what activities exist around here...as in, what is there to DO around here, among the acres and acres of cotton and peanuts, and vast expanses of, well, nothing?

To begin answering that question, a while ago we participated in "The Great Blog Train Blog Hop", where I put together a little travelogue of our beautiful city, Albany, Georgia.

Today I'm building on that and including a bunch of other field trips you can arrange in our scenic and historic corner of the State!  And read on to the bottom where you can get a neat, free printable to help you enjoy field trips wherever you find yourself!

The Ultimate Field Trip Guide to SW GA


Welcome, welcome, welcome to beautiful and historic Albany, GA!

The city is full of history... From its birth in 1836, as a commercial hub for southwest Georgia...

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...to Civil Rights days in the 1960's, when the Albany Movement challenged racial segregation, the city has worked to maintain both bucolic and business-friendly characteristics. Musically speaking, the Albany area is the home of Ray Charles, Luke Bryan, Phillip Phillips, Harry James and Ray Stevens, just to name a few; we also boast chef and TV host Paula Deen as a hometown girl...

And not to exclude sports fans, we also lay claim to Nancy Lopez, Buster Posey, Angelo Taylor, Montavious Stanley, and Alice Coachman.  Not too shabby for a town of approximately 76,000 (2013 Census estimate), right?! But we delight in our natural surroundings, too, and take pride in scenic places that also hold much history, such as Radium Springs,

Chehaw Park, which was designed by Jim Fowler, of television's "Wild Kingdom" fame,

Chehaw Park, Albany, GA
Photo credit: Sarah Reid

Thronateeska Heritage Center and Wetherbee Planetarium, and

Thronateeska Heritage Center

Photo Courtesy of Thronateeska Heritage Center

the Flint RiverQuarium, a $30 million fresh-water aquarium.

FlintRiverQuarium, Albany, GA

Photo courtesy of FlintRiverQuarium

So whether you plan on "just a visit", or you want to "sit and stay a spell"... we hope you enjoy and always feel at home in "The Good Life City".

Albany, GA - The Good Life City


Looking for a road trip? There's nothing more beautiful than the wisteria you'll find along the Georgia Grown Trail 37. You'll also find 8 wonderful field trip destinations on this stretch of highway, which extends across the southern part of Georgia from the Alabama State line in the west to the Okefenokee Swamp at the Southeastern end. Explore Reed Bingham State Park, Horse Creek Winery, Nashville Farmer's Market, Georgia Olive Farms, Avriett House, White Oak Pastures, and more!

Travel North-South on Route 41 in GA!And now you can traverse north to south in the State along Georgia Grown Trail 41!

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With over 30 separate field trip destinations, they're taking agritourism ~ and rural field trip opportunities ~ to a new level!! Visit:

and more!


Tyson Steele Building Products, in lovely Doerun, has a great wildlife museum, of all things! Owner Jim Tyson, a serious and successful big game hunter, has artfully placed exotic animals he’s found in the rainforests of South America, the plains of Africa and even the local Southeast in displays of habitats mimicking their own, right in the center of the Tyson Steele Building plant. Visitors and welcome and encouraged to walk around and enjoy them all…for free! This place is truly unique, and has been one of my very favorite field trips!


A little farther down the road, tucked into the corner, sits Thomasville, Georgia. Their Rose Gardens are a great place to welcome spring! With over 500 rose bushes, and located immediately adjacent to Cherokee Lake Park, after a picnic lunch you can relax with a fragrant walk around the lake while the kids enjoy the playground. Visit their Tourist Center for a whole bunch of other locations to explore and discover, too!

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  1. Great list. I love reading about field trip ideas from other states; always makes me want to take off on a vacation with the kids and it’s fun to see what’s available out there.


    1. So do I! In some ways, it lets us do some “armchair traveling”…lots of fun! 🙂 And of course, on the odd chance we DO get to travel someday…


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