This list is part of the Elections unit in Online Unit Studies, from the TechieHomeshcoolMom. The lessons were co-written by Beth Napoli and myself and are a wonderful tool for Civics or Government studies. Reasonably-priced, they’re a great way to enhance high school homeschool studies, or as a complete study for your middle school or upper elementary student.

A vocabulary list for elections

*As with any study, of course, let me suggest that you preview all materials, especially online videos and websites.


But you can always use these words on your own, too! Create word puzzles (here’s a great tool to use), use them as a source for relevant spelling words, and/or have your child look up the definitions.

Be creative! Have fun…and model being a good citizen for your children.

Learning the vocabulary of the election process

Election Studies Vocabulary Words

  • authority
  • qualifications
  • duties
  • powers
  • limitations
  • conventions
  • brokered convention
  • electoral college
  • mudslinging
  • popular vote
  • running mate
  • absentee voting
  • propaganda
  • liberal
  • conservative
  • ballot
  • term
  • citizen
  • partisan
  • campaign
  • incumbent
  • candidate
  • gerrymandering
  • poll taxes
  • suffrage
  • debate

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