Easter is in a few short weeks, and once again we’re celebrating it with a houseful of teenagers. If you’re (happily!) in the same boat, you may be on the lookout for some Easter activities for teens, too!

Easter activities to do with your teen

In my experience, Easter is one of those holidays that you can find a plethora of printables and games and puzzles and, well, FUN stuff you can do with the little ones. A quick Google search will bring up a treasure trove of Easter games for kids and adults, or even family Easter games. And remember Resurrection Eggs from your children’s younger days? My kids loved them… no matter how many times we’d do them over the course of Easter week, they were mesmerized.

Once you move on to the tween and teen years, however, it can feel like all the fun becomes just a memory. It’s not only harder for everyone to find the time to spend at home, but it’s also just as hard to grab their interest. But don’t despair – here are some

Easter activities that are just perfect to do with your teens!


  • Nourishing My Scholar has a wonderful information-packed tutorial about natural Easter egg dyes. And even if your kiddos aren’t into dying eggs, the “natural” aspect of it lends itself to science/health studies and gives a little real-life depth to the activity.
  • Or investigate Easter traditions from your family’s heritage. When my kids got to be tweens and teens, they were old enough to try the ornate and involved skill of Pysanki, or Ukrainian Easter egg dying. Involving concentrated dyes and hot wax, these are no pre-school craft!
  • These art activities from HodgePodge are more older-kid oriented, too. The Easter Crown of Thorn’s chalk pastel is just lovely, as is the Easter cross chalk art project. I also loved Tricia’s take on the Good Friday garden her family plants – what a terrific and meaningful family tradition!
  • Who says teens don’t need (or want) an Easter basket? Yes, filling them may be a tad trickier than in years past, but check out this list of 50+ things for your teenager’s Easter basket (and they even have a list of 100+ if you’re really stuck!).
  • And this article “5 Ways to Help Teenagers Focus on Jesus Christ this Easter” offers a handful of simple ways to include your teens in a celebration of God’s gift of salvation to us all.

Engage with your teen this Easter!

  • Just for you, dear reader 🙂  I put together a short devotional together that you can do with the family for Easter Week. It’s 5 days’ worth of Scripture and discussion that is sure to spark some relevant and soul-inspiring conversation. Download Beyond the Cross – An Easter Week Devotional here.
  • If you’ve ever considered adding Passover studies and a celebration to your family traditions, now is a perfect time. Passover this year (2021) is March 27-April 4, culminating nicely on Easter Sunday. I grew up celebrating Passover with my family and it was a great addition to our homeschool Bible and Ancient World History studies. If the idea intrigues you, check out my book “Celebrating the Passover: A Guide for Christians to Enjoy the Feast,” available on Amazon. It includes everything from soup-to-nuts, enabling you to host a seder in your own home.

Are you an intentional parent?

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