And why you don’t (necessarily) need a consultant

Your homeschool is unlike any other homeschool in the world… Nowhere is there the same combination of parent/s and amount of children, with the same interests, learning styles, personalities, gifts, talents, abilities…etc.

Coaching helps your homeschool in ways no other resource can. Here’s how ~

coaching can help your homeschool excel

What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

I know you may have seen these terms used interchangeably, and I, too, have used them both without much thought. But over the past few months, I’ve been training to become a certified coach, and that’s really helped me get clarity between the two – and influenced the way I use the terms to serve and support homeschoolers.

The dictionary definition of consulting is “the business of giving expert advice to other professionals…(often) working in a professional or technical field.”  Now, while I do consider home educators professionals – certainly over the years we develop the skills and abilities that qualify us to be considered as such – the aspect of giving advice sticks in my craw. 

Because if I truly believe that every homeschool is unique, that each family and situation is unlike any other, how can I – how can anyoneauthentically give advice?

I can’t.

Which is why I have drastically altered my consulting services.

However, coaching acknowledges that sometimes we get “stuck.”  We may feel personally challenged by the needs of our kids or our own needs. We may be stuck in the education process, and feel that the answer has to be a new curriculum or program. We may be feeling emotionally depleted, or (lacking boundaries) being taken advantage of. There are a myriad of situations that we may face, as unique as each of us are…

Coaching focuses on the present and the future. It affirms that we really do know what “the next right step” is for us. That we are the expert when it comes to ourselves.

  • * We may need to talk things through with someone or reframe what’s going on.
  • * We may need to explore different strategies.
  • * And we may be empowered with a new tool or approach – but we can move forward on our own.

Much like a sports coach will give their team exercises or tools to hone their craft…each member comes to the team with their own talent and abilities. The coach may guide them – but they have to do the work to win.

What coaching is NOT

Coaching is not consulting. It doesn’t give you the answer., or put a band-aid on a problem that may be a bit deeper than it appears. It’s neither suggesting a new curriculum nor telling you how to handle a situation you’re in. Tools may be offered, but they are not the focus. 

Coaching is not counseling. Neither does it delve into your psyche or your childhood to determine the “why” of what’s going on, as counseling does (although your “why” may be a point of discussion sometimes). And because things may certainly come up through coaching that would be best discussed with a counselor, a good coach recognizes that and will encourage you to find someone qualified with whom to discuss those topics.

Listen to our discussion about homeschool coaching on the You Can Homeschool podcast

How coaching can help your homeschool

Even though we may not be starting a brand new school year, we ARE starting a brand new calendar year. And this is the time when many of us are focusing on goals and plans…hopes and dreams.

So let me ask you – what are YOUR plans and dreams for your homeschool? What frustrations do you have right now? Are there things that are holding you back personally? (Because these issues can also impede your homeschool success!)

Your next best step

If you’re interested in considering coaching, head over to my calendar and book a free 30-minute exploration session? We can chat together about what’s up and you can decide if an extra hand on the journey would be helpful – I’d be honored to be that inspiration for you!

When you book your session, you’ll fill out a short form to help you assess your needs and determine your obstacles, in preparation for our meeting.

Then, together…get ready to crush the coming year!

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