Most Christians understand that the roots of our faith lie in the Old Testament.

Because although the people and stories come from long ago in a land far away, they still apply to us in very real ways today…

In Celebrating the Passover: A Guide for Christians to Celebrate the Feast, we outline a brief history of this celebration, make the connections to Christianity today, and more! Studying the history surrounding this miraculous event is also a great addition to a Bible class or Ancient History studies.

Also included is a guide you can use with your family to incorporate it into your own faith life, as our family has done for many years…

Celebrating the Passover: A Guide for Christians to Enjoy the Feast - Includes a printable Haggadah for your own use! Read and learn: Why a Passover for Christians?, everything you need to know to prepare your own feast - "from soup to nuts", resources for more info, and more...

Inside these pages you will find:

  • Why a Passover for Christians?
  • Everything you need to know to prepare your own feast – “from soup to nuts”!
  • A suggested menu – foods to include, acceptable options that will make this oh-so-very doable for everyone!
  • Yummy recipes…
  • Printable guide that will enable all your guests to follow along and participate
  • Resources for further reading and learning…

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From the Introduction:

Coming up to Easter season, my family takes note of both Lent (a preparation for Easter that starts 40 days prior to Easter) and the Passover (the Jewish celebration of the story of Moses leading God’s people out of slavery and into the Promised Land)…

As I’ve grown older and learned more about my faith, I’ve become even more convinced about the importance of celebrating the Passover for’s both interesting and awe-inspiring to see just how clearly the gift and sacrifice of Jesus are portrayed in the haggadah (the program that accompanies the Passover service).


Make your spring and Easter celebrations unique and special this year – celebrate the Passover!

A Guide for Christians to Celebrate Passover

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What others are saying:

We… use it each year… and love the understanding it has given us in celebrating Easter, realizing each part of the Passover as a picture of Jesus and the Gospel. Thanks for sharing this!       ~ Amy H.