• #breakthrulinkup 2 – Are You Up to the Task?

    Welcome to #breakthrulinkup #2!   For the past few years, around this time of the year, there’s been a “bundle” going around for sale called the “Genius Blogger’s Tool Kit.” It’s basically a collection of courses, ebooks, files, videos and the like that are loaded with educational materials to help bloggers and online writers keep […]


  • New Beginnings and #breakthrulinkup

    Welcome to #breakthrulinkup #1!   Welcome, welcome, welcome to my new “digs!” Hope you make yourself at home as I start a brand new link party here! Actually, this will forever be known to me as “the link party that almost wasn’t” and I’ll tell you why… Over the past weekend, I launched BreakthroughHomeschooling as […]


  • Need an (Instant Pot) Solution?

      Does your meal prep need a makeover, too? Welcome to my next installment of Rest and Refreshment for Moms. Yesterday I talked about making over your morning…and today I’m tackling something we all do, or at least are responsible for, day after day… Here’s a hint: are you familiar with that daily query from […]