build play into your homeschool day

Play can be a lifelong learning tool and have an important role in our homeschools. Learn how to build it into your day no matter how old your children are!


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Remember when your kids were young? Conversations with them were mostly play-centered…exploring was fun…playdates with friends…

And then “school” started, and the “trouble” began 🙁

Think about it: most of us do better with learning when some sort of play is involved. It encourages interaction and movement, which also naturally stimulates brain functioning.

Also, if your child is inclined to move, finding a way to occupy their hands while listening to read-alouds or a lesson can actually help them to focus and stay in the moment.

Some ways to encourage play:

    • *  For little kids, Tracey offered some easy-peasy ideas to add learning activities for the young ones (so you can ditch the curriculum concept for kindergarteners…)
    • *  Forget about typical “readers” and look for living books from the library… Even a good comic book (one that follows a story arc) can be inspirational and educational.
    • *  Don’t forget the play-doh! Make some with the kids and then run with it! Your teens can even use homemade clay to make figures to use in dioramas.
    • *  Word games with teens: Scrabble, BananaGrams, travel games, Rubix cube,
    • *  Get your tween or teen an exercise ball-type desk chair. It allows movement while doing desk work.
    • *  Teaching writing? Have your older kids take a history lesson and turn it into a play, complete with scripts, costumes, props – the whole shebang!
    • *  Make a board game! Turn a lesson into a board game…or just do this for the fun of it! There’s lots of learning going on in the process of creating them, and so much fun to share with their friends. They’re learning math skills, design skills, creating thinking skills, teamwork, and more. Plus, what a great memory and keepsake from their homeschool days.

Want to dive in to this concept? Here are some books that you can use in your homeschool mom professional development to explore the role of play in learning:

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Now it’s your turn! How do YOU incorporate play into your homeschool? (Or what’s one thing you’re going to try…) Tell us about it in the comments!

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