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A few days ago my husband tipped me off to a segment from NPR’s “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me” during which the author Nora Roberts was interviewed by host Peter Sagal.

For a bit of background, Nora Roberts has penned over 200 romance and mystery novels under her own name and pen name JD Robb; quite a feat by any measure! But here is the part that caught my ear:

SAGAL: I have to ask you one thing because you are so prolific. Have you ever, for one minute in your life, had writer’s block?

ROBERTS: I don’t let myself believe in it. I feel very strongly writing is habit as much as an art or a craft. And if you write crap, you’re still writing.

SAGAL: Yeah.

ROBERTS: And you can fix that. But if you walk away then you’ve broken the habit.

SAGAL: Really? But you’ve never, like, finished a novel and said, I have written about all the relationships I can think of and all the murders I can think of, I got nothing?

ROBERTS: Oh, no. There are 88 keys on the piano, but do you run out of music?  (emphasis mine)

And that’s what caught me – but let me explain.

Welcome to #breakthrulinkup 9 - and discover the "power of habit!"
If we ever want to change the world – heck, if we ever want to do good or even great things – our habits will lay the foundation upon which we can do just that.
  • Young mothers, you want to be the best you can be for your toddler:  what are your habits?
  • You moms who want to have a good relationship with your tweens and teens: what are your habits?
  • Older mothers who are perhaps nearing the end of your (active) parenting and homeschooler years: what are your habits?

And lest you think that whatever it is you enjoy…you excel at…you have a burning desire to nurture and pursue…is somehow “not important” or noteworthy, hold on to that second thought in bold “There are 88 keys on the piano, but do you run out of music?”


No matter what our talents are or where our interests lie, they are only the keys on the piano. Much like a musician takes those same keys and arranges them in unique patterns and forms, what we do with those talents and interests, how we arrange them, what form we give them, what energy we invest in them and direction we take them – makes all the difference.

That is where the importance of good habits lies, and that is how significant they can be in our lives!

They not only influence our present, but mold and inspire, and even prepare us for a future beyond what we could ever imagine. So let yourself dream today… Let yourself be inspired… and

…here’s to habits! Hope you get started on developing a good one (or two) today 🙂

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