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If you don’t know this about me yet, I gotta tell you: I’m an old-school rock ‘n roller from way back. Even today, my “go to” music when I’m cleaning the house (or having to do any other chore that I find distasteful) is a fun Pandora or YouTube playlist of classic rock, or maybe some Motown grooves. Now I admit to being a tad more careful about what I listen to around the kids, however; because I realize many of the topics, and certainly the worldview, of some of those old tunes are less than what I’d want my kiddos to be singing about.

But hey, none of us are perfect, right?

And my hubby is a movie nut. Absolutely hands down his favorite thing to do with the kids is to head out to watch the latest superhero flick; and if it includes a good car chase, all the better!

You can probably imagine that one of the ways we most enjoy engaging with our teens is over “culture.” My teens are definitely the conduit I have to any knowledge of today’s music and movies. Much like I was at their age, they know all the words and are familiar with the music genres and movie personalities that make up the current pop culture. (And thank goodness, too, since they are quick to change the station for me when a song comes up that I shouldn’t be listening to…)

So what better way to connect during the Christmas season than with a good playlist of tunes or flicks?

Much like the Encouraging Playlist of songs I put together, or the series of TEDTalk videos I found on topics such as leadership development, STEM studies or “life prep,” you and your teen can assemble a fantastic start to fun family entertainment together!

Christmas music

Christmas movies

  • Believe it or not, YouTube has quite a collection of full-length Christmas movies, too, including quite a few Hallmark classics.
  • Netflix has them, too, although I’ve found that usually, the ones I want to see are available only on DVD (and of course I would have the streaming option…).
  • Not to be outdone, Amazon has Christmas movies available for immediate streaming for their Prime customers (which I recently enrolled in – perfect timing!!).

Pop a bag of popcorn into the microwave, get comfy on the couch, and hit “play.” Don’t forget, however, to stop for conversation and connection after the show or music is over…both provide a perfect springboard for sharing, as well.

Enjoy the quality time with your teen this season as you get a peek into how he feels and what he thinks, while you also create warm wonderful memories together. A total win-win!

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1. Schedule quality time
2. Spend a day in the kitchen
3. Work on a Christmas playlist (or two) together
4. Host a Christmas party for his friends
5. Craft a special family Christmas evening

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What tunes or movies would you put on a Christmas playlist? We’d love to hear about your favorites…

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