#breakthrulinkup 6 – Give thanks in all things

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Welcome to #breakthrulinkup #6!

I have fully embraced the November “theme” this year of giving thanks! But I also have to admit that I’ve been a little late to the party, so to speak.

A few weeks ago I came across a story that explained how being negative can literally re-route the connections in your brain and make it even easier to be negative, and almost make it your “go to” response.

Now, for those of you who know me personally, you may also know that there’s been quite a bit going on in my life recently that hasn’t exactly gone as planned:

  1. a huge job transition for my husband
  2. moving my mother-in-law out of state to an independent living facility
  3. personal issues coming up with a few of my kiddos
  4. having to establish a new home long distance and clean out and prepare two others locally for sale

And that’s not even mentioning the snafus I’ve had to overcome with setting up my new “blog home” here and all that’s transpired with that

Yeah, I was starting to sound whiney even to myself! And I really don’t want to turn into a negative-Nelly.

Luckily, November rolled around just in time!

You know, that stereotypical (at least in the US) time of the year when we give thanks for stuff. And boy, did I really need it!

How I got on the thankful bandwagon

What are YOU thankful for?

1 – So on Monday I posted a cute little graphic and “call” to my Facebook friends to share what they’re thankful for (and if you’re on FB, feel free to stop by that post and add your 2 cents – I’d LOVE that!).

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I really felt the need to start changing my focus, and that turned out to be a great thing to post on a Monday morning!


2 – Then, I placed an order for these little beauties! Waay back when I first started blogging I wrote a post about the power of expressing gratitude. It stemmed from little gratitude journals that my mother-in-law gave each of our family one year. The post really seemed to touch a sweet-spot in many readers, which only seemed to confirm what I was writing about: how important it is to express our gratitude to those we love. And just how special it is to do that using the written word (and I was not referring to emails or texts there). I love these little cards – called The Hope Deck – and how your can either gift them as a set OR use them one by one to express encouragement and/or gratitude! Check them out for yourself here.

3 – Finally, I downloaded this free set of writing prompts from WriteShop. Each month they offer a new freebie, and this month of course the theme is Keeping a Gratitude Journal. This particular set is geared towards younger kids, but since I’m a big believer in adjusting up or down and using whatever you can find from a resource, I wrote out the prompts (sans the too-cute-for-teens designs) and used them with my own family around the dinner table. What started out as a conversation starter is turning into a poster I hung by the kitchen table that we’ll be filling in as the month progresses. I’ll share the final product on Thanksgiving day 🙂 . Grab your own free set here.

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So how’s your gratitude barometer doing?

#breakthrulinkup 6 - Come join the party!

I know that’s quite a bit, maybe some would say too much. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

‘Cause the last thing I want is for my “go to” response to become negative 🙁

Christmas is right around the corner, and I already know that while it may be a little tight financially around my home base, I still want to have a heart bursting with gratitude for all the blessings that God has given me and my family.

So rather than wait for Advent (the traditional time to begin preparing for Christmas) to roll around, I’m starting to flex my gratitude muscle now.

I hope you’ll join me – ’cause if you’re reading this, we all have a great deal to be thankful for, right?!

How are you – or even are you – preparing for Thanksgiving this month? I’d love to hear about it…

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And now let’s party…

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11 thoughts on “#breakthrulinkup 6 – Give thanks in all things”

  1. Gratitude is not my default, so I have to be intentional about it by keeping a journal to shake me up and force me to commit myself with a pen on the page every day.
    Blessings to you as you also live and write your way into gratitude!


    1. Ugh, it’s not my default either, Michele. But I AM working on it – and I’d welcome the accountability 😉
      Hoping you, too, will make some headway this Thanksgiving month!


  2. I’m sorry that you’re going through such a challenging season, Pat. But I know how effective stretching our gratitude muscles can be to encouraging our spirits. I do hope you experience that and I will join you along with so many others to focus on the good God has given me. I’m actually focusing on God’s love this holiday season, but the same result comes from remembering His love for me and extending it to others all around me. Thanks for the linkup, my friend!


    1. That’s wonderful, Beth! Yes, I saw your posts on Facebook and your blog about “6 Shades” and sent you a message…
      Thanks as always for stopping by, Beth. I personally value your posts and learn so much from them…


  3. i think i needed that negativity article you mentioned last night! (Feel free to email it to me) one thought spiraled down and I was left in sludge after having a rather wonderful day. now why was that? Other than, sin, I mean… blessings on your busy month and ministry!


    1. I’d be happy to shoot it to you via email, Sue. It was pretty disconcerting to me, actually, because I realized that – sadly – I may have some “rewiring” to work on 🙁
      I find it hard to believe that you might be in that boat, too!!
      How I wish I lived nearer “your” coast! And also praying for you as you continue to bless and minister to so many women – what I gift you have, and how inspiring it is to watch you use it <3


  4. I definitely find that my frame of my mind makes a huge difference on how I feel and negative feelings can easily breed others. When I start to feel anxious, upset, or just sort of blah and depressed I do try to think of all the blessings in my life and turn my feelings around.


  5. My husband and I have been talking a lot about thankfulness because of a workshop he attended last month. We are realizing more and more of the spiritual benefits and importance of a thankful heart.


    1. Donna, I absolutely agree that there are spiritual benefits to gratitude. And there’s plenty of scientific research that corroborates actual physical benefits, too!
      Ah, now for us to only learn…right?!
      At any rate, thank you for visiting and taking the time to share with us 🙂


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