#breakthrulinkup 5 – Heartbursting moments

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Welcome to #breakthrulinkup #5!

Over the past few months, a friend of mine has been busy helping her daughter prepare for a wedding. I’ve been through it too, not so long ago, and watching her journey on Instagram brought back such good memories.

She shared a picture of her now-adult kiddos together at the wedding, and in the caption described a scene where she “thought (her) heart might burst.” Wow, did that phrase jump out at me!

I mean, motherhood is like that, isn’t it?

There are times, and weddings certainly are one of them, where just being together is more than enough. When even with the day-to-day squabbles and quarrels and misunderstandings…well, they just don’t nearly eclipse the unspeakable joy that being in the same room with those people you love most in the world brings.

But I have to admit that there are other times that might make a mother’s heart burst, too. Like watching your daughter suffer from cancer or a serious injury. Or your son’s heartbreak as he feels the misery of his first breakup. Or when a relationship between two children is broken and you know there is nothing your motherly magic can do to heal their hearts or the situation.

And yet we keep on.

#breakthrulinkup 5

‘Cause, well, what else can we do?

Each day brings its own share of heart-bursting moments…if we choose to see them. I know when my kiddos were young, sometimes I just wanted to get to the end of the day because I was so tired or so very busy. Today, I often think about the sweet moments that filled those days…and I also wonder what I missed. Because states like exhaustion, or busyness or fear or anxiety have a way of clouding our vision.

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So let me encourage you to look for the moments that can burst a mother’s heart today!

Each day brings both pain and joy. Each moment can be special if we let it. Every day is a precious gift from God for us to treasure and enjoy.

I hope you can bring yourself to be truly in the moment today. No matter what’s going on in life, staying focused on the present will ensure you a lifetime of wonderful “heart-bursting” memories.

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15 thoughts on “#breakthrulinkup 5 – Heartbursting moments”

    1. My pleasure, Marilyn! I truly enjoy it, and am so happy to hear that it inspires or encourages others, too!
      Thanks for stopping by…see you over at “Thursday Favorites” and “Over the Moon!” 🙂


  1. Wow! You are so raw and open here in this post, Pat! I love your heart for your children and your call to us to stay in the moment, even when that moment means pain for us and our children. Nothing pricks my heart more than when my sons are hurting! So this is not an easy task for me to do, but one that I know is important, necessary and will ultimately bless everyone in my life. I’m with you! Thanks also for the linkup, my friend!


    1. Hi Beth! Yeah, I’m starting to understand (at the delicate age of 56) that life’s too short to be anything but open and honest – “ain’t nobody got time for that!” Staying in the moment isn’t easy for me, either, and really requires a concerted effort on my part. But, as you point out, I pray that it will “ultimately bless everyone in my life” too!
      Always happy to converse with you <3


  2. Oh, my, yes! Living this right now as the first child prepares for college next year. Every moment counts, and our hearts should burst. It’s how we’re designed….to separate from our adult children but to love so big the separating hurts.


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