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By now you probably know about my little kitty Louie. (And if you don’t, just take a quick look through my Instagram posts.)

He is SUCH a doll! So sweet and soft and cuddly… Except he has this really bad habit: he loves to jump up on the table.

Any table, really: kitchen table, the island in the kitchen, the dining room table. It drives my husband nuts; which, in turn, drives the rest of us nutty, too!

We’re using a number of consequences as we work through getting him out of this habit: physically moving him off said surface, the ol’ spray bottle with water, distracting him with a toy. My husband, of course, resorts to more drastic measures, like banging the table (which scares the daylights out of the poor thing) or yelling at him. Well, nobody’s perfect ;-)!


And my wonderfully wise youngest daughter commented on this the other day, She pointed out that by now Louie has to know that jumping up on the table isn’t allowed; isn’t “the right thing” to do. And yet he keeps doing it.

Kinda just like we keep doing stuff that we know by now isn’t “the right thing” to do.

Like staying up way too late for an early morning wake up call, or eating too many sweets, or holding a grudge against a neighbor or family friend, or committing to too many activities.

Now I’m not justifying our behavior, but I’d like to point something out: when we find ourselves in these situations, we have a choice. We can dwell on it, and then dwell in it, or we can forgive ourselves and move on.

Going back to Louie, I have to say that each time he gets on the table, even after we’ve presented a consequence, I still love him! Of course, I’m always hoping and shooting for the day when he finally knows not to jump up (and I know my dear hubby is, too!), but nevertheless, I’m still glad he’s part of the family. Glad he’s ours and that I can still love on him and get soft, fluffy cuddles.

And, minus the soft, fluffy cuddles part, that’s how God feels about me, too. Forgives my sin, despite that I do so time after time; nevertheless glad that I’m part of the family, and through it all He still loves on me.

So if you’re feeling low lately about some poor choices you’ve made or blue as the result of bad decision-making, remember this – God may not want you to sin, but when you do, He is always there with outstretched arms, waiting to love on you once more. Or, more accurately, waiting on you to feel His love, the love that is faithful and steadfast and true, even when we’re not.

If these words don’t encourage you today, I’m hoping that you’ll save them for a day that you do need them. Read them and tuck them away in your heart, or send them to a friend who could use some encouragement! 

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