Welcome to #breakthrulinkup 31!

There are some big changes happenin’ in my neck of the woods these days…

Kiddo #4 graduated high school this past weekend… What a wonderful occasion! Bittersweet as always, of course, as we took the time to reminisce about the years he’s been home; but wonderfully excited for him as he embarks on his future!

Kiddo #5 and I attended a TEDxYouth@Columbia event this week already, too. It was a wonderful day full of meeting new people, discussing new ideas, and being encouraged about the leadership qualities displayed by local high school-aged youth, who had organized the event. My youngest already applied to be on next year’s planning team, and of course, I’m pretty jazzed that she was so inspired…

Last but not least, as our household is preparing for a move this summer, too, we spent a few days recently getting acquainted with our new city and new digs. It’s about a 5-hour drive from our current home, so there’ll be quite a few logistics to work out with updating and selling our old home and settling into the new one. It promises to be a busy summer!

All that to say…I didn’t have much time to write anything edifying for you today…but I’m still grateful for you stopping by. Please use the time you would have spent reading something here on taking a look at an extra post or two shared below! I know the wonderful bloggers who visit here each week would sure appreciate it! <3 🙂

And please do check back next week, when I share some interesting news with you that will definitely encourage and enrich your homeschooling effortsI PROMISE it’s something to be excited about!

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