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For awhile now I’ve been seeing and reading articles telling me how people these days wear the badge “busy” with pride. It appears that if you can brag about how busy you are, and hey, maybe even win the discussion, you have “earned” a level of respect and awe.

‘Cause of course if you’re so busy you must be important, right? You must be all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips that people are demanding your time and energy and well, just so much of you…


I mean, I’m seriously *over* being busy. I’d love a day lounging around the house in my pj’s (no, contrary to popular thought not ALL homeschoolers work in their jammies), sipping coffee, binging Netflix or getting lost in a book that has nothing whatsoever to do with gasp home education or the craft of writing and blogging.

So why can’t I work a day like that into my schedule? Why is it that even tho’ the oldest teen left at home is driving and we’re “down” to two kids here my days are chock full?

There are days that I’m fine with my schedule, and honestly, I’m not complaining about my life. It’s rich and complicated and fun and an adventure.

But there are other days when I just want to (yes, being transparent here) throw the alarm clock across the room and roll over, pulling the covers over my head. Or at least just quietly watch the sun rise from the window in my bedroom while I listen to smooth jazz on the radio and sip my coffee. All day long.

So what are your days like? Are you too busy too? Or are you in the process of conquering the clamor that some of us call life?


I’d love to hear your answer to those questions – I mean, I can’t be the only one who struggles with this, can I?

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