#breakthrulinkup 25 – A scary homeschool moment

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This scary homeschool moment ended up fine...I think! At any rate, I used the opportunity to craft some brand new resources for you - so you don't find yourself in the same boat!

Welcome to #breakthrulinkup 25!

Hi there! Besides being thrilled to greet the spring season, we're knee deep in graduation/end-of-the-year mania around here. But let me tell you a scary thing that happened to me recently...

So, kiddo #4 will be off to college in the fall, and (long story short which I'll share in a future post) he determined that he needed to activate "Plan B" - which, to my dismay, didn't actually exist. In other words, he had been SO set on going to his first choice college that he hadn't even considered any alternates. And when we sat down and figured that somebody would need to "show us the money"...and they weren't. Well, I'll bet you can imagine what was going on in this poor momma's head and heart! Hmmm...

This scary homeschool moment ended up fine...I think! At any rate, I used the opportunity to craft some brand new resources for you - so you don't find yourself in the same boat!While trying to hold in my panic, son and I sat down and, after some discussion and further research,  decided on an alternative school to which he would apply. He promptly pulled up the website, downloaded the application, and got to work. And then I saw it.

The incredible and ridiculously over-the-top educational history required from us because, you guessed it, we were homeschoolers.

And this wasn't a low-budget, second-rate school, either. I really found it hard to imagine that after all these years, there was/is still a school around that added extra hurdles to homeschoolers!

But it didn't matter what I thought, anyway. I realized that I was gonna have to do Sherlock Holmes-level sleuthing to put together all the info required for this application: course description, course source, books used, name of teacher (for outsourced courses), and more. For every. Non-elective. College-required. Course. He. Took.

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Well, it did take me a while, and it proved to be quite the bonding experience for my son and myself. But we pulled it off! Between an incredible spreadsheet I created (if I do say so myself!), the standard transcript that I DID have up-to-date (thank goodness!), and a snazzy-looking student resume that we crafted, we were both proud of the product that I sent off...

Haven't heard back yet, tho - so you'll have to tune in for "the rest of the story," as they say!

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5 thoughts on “#breakthrulinkup 25 – A scary homeschool moment”

  1. Hmm . . . my first response to all that extra documentation is that maybe it would be good to check with Homeschool Legal Defense to see if it’s even legal for them to put extra hoops in for homeschooled kids. If your state recognizes your diploma, it should stand without question.

    We went through some pretty intense disappointments with the college application process with one of our sons — getting into a college and then not being able to afford it (or more accurately to justify the amount of debt it would cause.) It’s a rough season for kids.

    Thanks for persevering!


    1. Yes, Michele, that IS a good idea, and if I hadn’t descended into panic-mode because of the application deadline,.. Although maybe I’ll check with them anyway. At least that might do some good for parents in the future. Thanks for suggesting it! 🙂

      Out of curiosity, and not trying to be nosy, but how did that situation end? We are in EXACTLY the same one with our kiddo #4. Gratefully, so far none of our kids have racked up horrible college debt, but I’m more than a little uncomfortable with where this one is headed…


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