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Do you ever wonder if you’re short-changing your high schooled homeschooler?

Or if she’ll really be prepared for life-after-homeschool?

Or maybe you’re just feeling like it’s just time to chuck it all in and call it a day.

Maybe it’s just that time of year for you…

Embark if an affordable homeschool conference for parents of teens and tweens.

You see, a funny thing happened over the years I’ve been homeschooling… I started to observe a pattern I’d fallen into. I’d start out the school year all planned-up and gung-ho, keep up the good work through the fall, collapse in a heap after the holidays, drag myself (and the kids!) through the spring, and finally enjoy some much-needed rest during our summer learning program.

But it was during that “drag myself through the spring” time that my husband and I would make it to that much-needed event together: the homeschool conference.


Why I needed a conference…

Whether it was an interesting speaker, or an enlightening workshop, or an exciting curriculum discovery, or prioritizing time with my hubby, or catching up with a “conference buddy”, or meeting a new friend, inevitably I’d find just what I needed to ramp up my engines and keep me going. A tool, or a conversation, or a presentation that reached my heart, and reminded me why I was doing what I’m doing.

But yeah, that type of experience kinda comes at a price.

Yet, even knowing that, I was flabbergasted when recently I tallied up the receipts from last year’s convention and realized we’d spent over $400! That included gas, meals, hotel and 2 convention tickets. (And I’m sure I missed something.) Gulp.

Not that it wasn’t an AWEsome time, as it always is.

The Embark Conference 2018: find refreshment and encouragement right at home!

But THIS year, I’ll be happily spending only $24! (Yup, you read that right!)

The Embark Conference – affordable, online encouragement

$24 to listen to 18 speakers while sitting at home sipping coffee with a lot less stress and expense!

If you, too, want to try out Embark this year, I’ve put together something to help you out (especially if this is your 1st conference). Subscribe to the site and I’ll send you out 2 pdfs you can print out and keep handy. The schedule has all the speakers, times, and topics in one place, so you know when to tune in. The sequence divides them up into six “interest tracks”, so you’ll know when to tune in if you’re interested in general homeschooling help, mom support, college-bound info, subject-related, faith-related or organization-related info. 

So here’s the invitation: let’s find encouragement together! The live sessions are on Thursday, February 22 thru Saturday, February 24.

Afterward, we’ll get recordings of all 18 presentations, a nifty workbook with notes from each of the presentations, and access to a private Embark Facebook group, where we can “chat amongst ourselves” …

I hope you’ll be listening in with me!

Find out all about the 2018 Embark Conference here.

Register for the 2018 Embark Conference here.

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